Addon: TeraWallet Integration

Integrate Coupon Affiliates with the 3rd-party plugin: TeraWallet

You will be able to use the “TeraWallet” plugin as your wallet system for the “Store Credits” payout method.

If affiliates choose “Store Credit” as their payout method, they can submit payout requests, and when you mark it as paid, the commission will be paid automatically into their “TeraWallet” account wallet.

Note: There is already a FREE (more basic) built-in store credit & wallet system in the PRO version of the Coupon Affiliates plugin, so this addon is NOT required to offer “Store Credit” payouts to your affiliates, however does allow you to use a more advanced wallet system.


To use this addon, you will first need to have:

  • The PRO version of Coupon Affiliates installed on your website.
  • The TeraWallet plugin installed on your website.

Download this Addon:

Price: $39.99 $19.99 (One Time)


  • Install and activate the “Coupon Affiliates – TeraWallet Integration” plugin on your website (plugins > add new).
  • Install and activate the free official “TeraWallet” plugin on your website.
  • Visit the Coupon Affiliates plugin settings, go to “Payouts”, enable “Store Credit Payouts”.
  • Select “TeraWallet” from the “Wallet System” dropdown option.

Note: This is an integration for a 3rd-party plugin. We are not affiliated with and do not have any control over the features and functionality offered by the “TeraWallet” plugin.

Why does this addon cost extra?

You may be used to all features in the PRO version of our plugin being included as “Modules” rather than “Addons”. This means that instead of having to install lots of individual different plugins to extend the functionality, you just need to simply toggle on a module, and it will enable the code/functionality. If the module is turned off, in most cases the code will not run or be used on your website at all (which is like a plugin/addon being disabled).

However, this specific “Addon” works differently in that it is offering an extension to integrate Coupon Affiliates with another 3rd-party WordPress plugin. The addon costs extra, simply because it is for a 3rd-party integration and occasionally requires extra support/development work to keep it compatible with the 3rd-party plugin.

It’s worth noting, the functionality being extended is still possible with the default PRO version of the plugin, but using the 3rd-party integration usually offers more functionality, or allows you to use your existing 3rd-party plugin, instead of our solution for that specific module.