Setup Guide – How to get started! (Free)

Need help getting started with the plugin? Here is a quick setup guide to help you get started.

(1) Installing the Plugin #

First, you need to install the plugin. If you’ve not done this yet, see this guide.

(2) Create the Dashboard Page #

Once you’ve installed the plugin, the first thing you should do is create the main dashboard page.

This is done by adding the [couponaffiliates] shortcode to a page.

There should be a small setup wizard display upon installing the plugin, at the top of the settings page.

Here you should see a button to automatically generate the page for you, and it will also auto-assign this page in the settings.

(3) Assign the Dashboard Page in Settings #

Next up, if you created the dashboard page manually by adding the shortcode to a page, you will need to go into settings under “General” and make sure you’ve assigned this page, so the plugin knows which page to use.

(4) Customise the Settings #

Once you’ve got the basic setup done, now you can go ahead and customise the settings!

Simply navigate around the settings page (select the tabs) and customise everything to meet your requirements.


The general tab contains some of the “general” settings that don’t have any particular category.


You can set your flexible commission rates under the “Commission” tab.

Referral URLs

The referral URLs tab lets you enable referral URLs, set the URL variable, and cookie duration.


Under the design tab you can customise some of the design for the plugin, including colors and layout.


The debug page includes a few options to enable/disable certain features, mainly things that may be affecting performance or having conflicts with your theme / other plugins.

(5) View the Coupons List & Dashboard URLs #

Next up, you can now go to the WooCommerce coupons list, and you’ll see a new column for the “Affiliate Dashboard”.

In this column you’ll see a direct link to go to the affiliate dashboard for that coupon, and a button to copy the dashboard URL to share with your affiliates.

(6) Assign Users to Coupons #

You can go one step further and assign your affiliate users to a coupon directly, so they can simply visit the base dashboard page (where you added the [couponaffiliates] shortcode) and it will show the affiliate dashboard for their coupon codes directly, without them needing the custom unique URL. It will also then make the dashboard page private/visible to their user account only.

To do this, simply edit a coupon code, go to the “Coupon Affiliates” tab, and assign the user:

(7) Share your Affiliate Program #

Once you’ve got everything setup, now it’s time to start promoting your affiliate program, and get users to signup.

Once you’re ready to add an affiliate, simply create a coupon code for them. You can then share the affiliate dashboard URL with them, found on the coupons list.

Alternatively, you can go one step further, and assign their user account to the coupon, then simply give them the link to the affiliate dashboard page (maybe add this to your menu/site somewhere), where they can login and instantly view their awesome dashboard to track commission, sales, referral URLs and more, without needing the unique URL.

The affiliate can then share this coupon code with others, or share the referral URL to automatically add the coupon code to the customers cart. Whenever someone uses the affiliates coupon code, the affiliate gains commission!

(8) Upgrade to Pro #

If you want more advanced features, including affiliate registration forms, unpaid commission tracking, commission payout requests, and much more, feel free to check out the PRO version of the plugin here:

Need help with anything else, feel free to contact us!