Enterprise Business Plan

Tailored for larger businesses looking to save time and make the most out of their affiliate marketing program.

Full Setup

Securely share access to your website, then we’ll complete the full setup of the plugin and all its features.

Success Manager

A personal success manager dedicated to ensuring the effective use of the Coupon Affiliates plugin.

Up to 5 x Small Tasks

After the initial setup is complete, if required at any time, we’ll complete small plugin related tasks for you.

VIP Support

All your email support tickets will have the highest priority, with a 24-hour response guarantee, 7 days a week.


Bespoke advice and suggestions (via email) tailored to your businesses affiliate marketing needs.

Lifetime PRO License

Get a free lifetime license for the PRO version of the plugin, to access all features and updates forever.

$1297 $997

Includes 1 year of enterprise support, and a free lifetime PRO license!

Lifetime license includes PRO features and updates forever.

Limited-time $300 discount!

“Now and then you come across plugin developers that are clearly passionate about what they do and care about the people they are helping.

Elliot is definitely one of those developers.”

Gary Houlton, ELC Global

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“Affiliates made simple.”

Arjan Lautenbach

“This plugin is brilliant, [..] almost completely hands-off from us.”

Johanna Kate

This service and plugin is provided by RelyWP Ltd, a UK based WordPress company.

Additional Information:

  • Full Setup: The full setup includes installing the plugin, creating the affiliate dashboard page, registration page, and configuring all the settings and features to your requirements. This does not cover adding data to your affiliate program, like adding affiliate users, or creatives, though in some cases we may help with small amounts via the free small tasks.
  • 5 x Small Tasks: This only covers support for configuring existing Coupon Affiliates plugin features and settings, or adding small amounts of data, and should require no more than roughly 30 minutes each task. One task at a time. This does not guarantee any support for custom coding, graphic design, or development of custom features, though in some cases we may voluntarily provide small code snippets if it is not too complex and takes less than 30 minutes to create. Available for up to 1 year after purchase.
  • Lifetime PRO License: This plan includes a free lifetime PRO license which gives you access to PRO features and updates forever. Enterprise support requires you to have an active Enterprise subscription.
  • Transparent Pricing: The pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden costs or sudden price hikes.
  • Currency: All pricing is in USD and excludes any applicable VAT.
  • Invoices: You will be provided a VAT invoice for your payments via email.
  • VIP Support: All support is provided via email, with a 24-hour response guarantee, 7 days a week.
  • Refunds: You are still covered by our 14-day money back guarantee if you have not yet used the “Full Setup” or “One-Off Tasks” services. Your lifetime license will also be deactivated preventing access to PRO features.