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Coupon based affiliate plugin for WooCommerce websites.

Coupon usage statistics, affiliate dashboard,
commission tracking, payouts, referral URLs, and more.

Features - Frontend

Coupon Affiliate Dashboard.

Provide your affiliates a unique link for their coupon, to give them access to an affiliate dashboard which includes:

Affiliate users can view the usage statistics for their referral coupon including total uses, discount type, orders total, amount saved and commission earned.

They will also be able to see a recent order table (with general info such as date, order total, discount, products, commission etc), a monthly orders / commission summary table for the past 12 months, and a commission earnings line graph.

Affiliates can track their commission earned via their coupon(s), request payouts for commission they have earned, and view their payout history.

Enable an option to allow Affiliates to receive a referral URL in their coupon affiliate dashboard, which automatically applies the coupon at checkout. They can also view total clicks, usage, and conversion rate for their referral URL in the dashboard.


Simple Admin Management.

View a list of all the coupons in the admin area, and easily filter them with live search.

In this list, you can see the coupon name, discount, affiliate, usage, sales, total commission, as well the unique dashboard link, which you can share with the affiliate to view their coupon affiliate dashboard page. Alternatively, you can add a generic shortcode to a page, for the logged in affiliate user to view the affiliate dashboard for their coupon there.

View requested commission payouts from your affiliates, and track/manage pending, complete and cancelled payouts.

You can also set payment thresholds, and a number of days before commission is earned (after order completion).

Plenty of settings are available to customise the plugin to work exactly how you need it. Change layouts, hide sections/rows, customise referral URLs and notification emails, flexible commission settings, set payment thresholds, number of days after order is complete for commission to be earned, custom translations, and much more.

Setup email notifications to automatically send to affiliates whenever their coupon is used, and let them know how much pending commission they’ve earned!

Affiliates can enable/disable these notifications, and you can also enable an option to allow them to add additional email addresses to send the notifications to.

An “Affiliate Info” column will be added to the WooCommerce orders list, and a meta box widget in single orders. These will show coupon code used, affiliate user, commission for that order, and a link to the affiliate dashboard.

All features included in Coupon Affiliates PRO:

Coupon Affiliate Dashboards

Unique affiliate dashboard page for every coupon, to share with affiliates, and view coupon usage details/statistics.

Coupon Usage Statistics

Affiliate dashboard shows coupon usage statistics such as sales, discounts, commission, recent orders, and more.

Recent orders Table
for Coupons

On the affiliate dashboard, display list of recent orders that used the coupon, with order stats, and list of products.

Monthly Orders Stats
table for Coupons

You can also display a table with a monthly summary of all orders that month, which used the coupon, and total products sold.

Calculate Affiliate Commission​

Commission is calculated and displayed, as a lifetime total, per order in the orders list, and in the monthly summary.

Flexible Commissions Settings

Set commission as fixed amount per product, per order, or as a percentage of the total order. You can even combine them!

Commission Payout Tracking

Pending commission is tracked for the coupon, and affiliates can keep track of unpaid, paid, and cancelled payments.

Commission Payout Requests

Affiliates can request payouts for their pending commission. Admins can easily manage and track requests and payouts.

Affiliate Referral
URLs & Click Tracking

Affiliates can generate a referral URL in the dashboard. They can also view total clicks, usage, and conversion rate.

Auto Apply Coupon
via Referral URL

When someone visits the website with the referral URL, it automatically applies the coupon at checkout.

Custom Commission Per Coupon & Product

Optionally, you can enter custom 'flexible commission' amounts for individual coupons & products, instead of using the defaults.

Payout Threshold and Commission delay

Set a minimum threshold for payout requests, and a number of days before commission is earned after order completion.

Commission Earnings
Line Graphs

Line graphs on the "Statistics" tab to show commission earned, on a day by day bases, for past 90 days, 30 days, or 7 days.

Orders Affiliate
Info Sections

An "Affiliate Info" column will be added to the WooCommerce orders list, and a meta box widget in single orders.

Filter Orders Tables
By Date

A filter is available, to show orders in the 'recent orders' tab, and the 'monthly summary' within a certain date range.

Combined Order Totals Row

View combined totals for all orders within the date range selected, for the 'recent orders' and 'monthly summary' tables.

Assign Affiliate Users to Coupons​

Link an affiliate user to a coupon, and allow them to view all their coupon stats and affiliate dashboard directly on a page.

Shortcodes to show users coupons

Shortcodes available to show dashboard for a single coupon, or show the dashboard for coupon assigned to the user.

Export Order Tables
as CSV Files

Enable a button on coupon pages to export a CSV file of the 'monthly summary' and 'recent orders' tables for the coupon.

List of Products Purchased

Display a list of products purchased (and quantity) within each order in the orders list, and in the monthly summary.

Custom Language

Enter your own custom translations via the plugin settings. Also includes localization support.

Affiliate Email Notifications

Automatically send email notifications to affiliates, to notify them whenever an order is made using their coupon code.

Coupon Marketing Campaigns​

You can use this plugin to manage your coupon marketing campaigns, to view coupon usage stats, sales, etc.

Fantastic UK-based

With PRO, you get unlimited UK-based support, to help with any issues or questions you may have when using the plugin.

Coupon Affiliates is used by over 1000 businesses and website owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once you install the plugin it will look back at the full order history for each coupon, even those created before the installation, and display the stats for these on the coupon affiliate dashboard too.

Currently you need to pay your affiliates manually, but can manage commission payout requests, and keep track of unpaid / pending / paid commission, in the plugin admin area.

In the future, we plan to implement a one-click payouts feature to the plugin (maybe even automatic), to make it easier for you to pay your affiliates.

A referral URL is automatically generated for the affiliate, in the affiliate coupon dashboard. This link can then be shared by the affiliate. Anyone that visits the website using that link, will have the coupon code automatically applied to their account on checkout. Clicks are also tracked, and any sales made via the coupon are tracked as conversions.

Currently, email notifications can be enabled, to send the affiliate assigned to a coupon an email whenever their coupon code is used, and they receive pending commission for that sale. The email message and subject can however be customised to suite your needs.

More email notification options will be added in the future for other events.

When you assign a user to a coupon, this will:

  • Make the unique "dashboard URL" for that coupon private to that user.
  • Give them access to the "payouts" tab on the dashboard, to enter their payment details, and request/manage payouts.
  • Enable them to receive email notifications whenever the coupon code is used, notifying them of the sale, and pending commission.
  • Allow them to view the page with the shortcode "[couponaffiliates-user]" to automatically show the affiliate dashboard for the coupon(s) they're assigned to, without needing the unique link.

Yes, you can use this plugin to manage your coupon marketing campaigns. Simply create a new coupon, and visit the coupon dashboard page, to view usage statistics, recent orders, monthly summary, etc, allowing you to keep track of your campaigns performance and profits made. You can even setup the email notifications to notify you whenever the coupon is used.

On the coupon affiliate dashboard, you (or the affiliate) will be able to see a variety of statistics including total uses, discount type, orders total, amount saved, commission earned, and more.


You will also be able to see a recent order table (with general info such as date, order total, discount, products, commission etc), and monthly orders / commission summary table for the past 12 months.

Yes! New features are added frequently, most of which are based on feedback. So if you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

With the yearly plan, you'll get the Pro plugin features, future updates and support for 1 year, and need to renew each year to keep these.

With the 'lifetime' plan you get the Pro plugin features, and all future updates forever. The lifetime plan is limited however, and will be removed once all slots are taken.

Yes! Top-notch customer support is key for a quality product, so we'll do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support page.

We firmly believe in our product, but we understand that it cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time.

If within the first 14 days of the original purchase of the plugin you would like to cancel your Pro version and request a refund, please get in touch and we'll get that sorted for you.

Have a question? Get in touch!

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About The Developer

I’m Elliot Sowersby, a WordPress developer and digital consultant from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I have over 10 years development experience, and have been a full time WordPress consultant since 2016. Since then, I have helped businesses from all around the world with designing, developing and maintaining their WordPress websites.

You can learn more about me and my work on my website at www.elliotvs.co.uk

I’m also the founder of RelyWP, which provices WordPress management services.

On the side, I also like to work on my own custom development projects and WordPress plugins. ‘Coupon Affiliates’ was one of the first plugins I started developing over 4 years ago (formally ‘Coupon Usage’), since I couldn’t find an existing plugin that met my specific requirements. Over time, I worked on adding a variety of new useful features to the plugin, and eventually released the Pro version in 2019.