SliceWP Alternative

Need a SliceWP Alternative?

Coupon Affiliates is the SliceWP alternative for your WooCommerce website.

This page offers a straightforward comparison of the features, pricing, and integrations between SliceWP and Coupon Affiliates, empowering you to choose the best fit for you!

It should be noted that SliceWP is also a decent product, and it does offer some good features. So, whether you choose to use Coupon Affiliates or SliceWP, you'll certainly be in great hands.

Both plugins do have several unique differences however, which may make one more preferable for you.

Let's delve into the details of how both plugins stack up against each other, and see why we believe Coupon Affiliates is the best choice for WooCommerce sites in particular.

Pricing Comparison

The Coupon Affiliates plugin is slightly more affordable than SliceWP, saving you over $150 after 3 years.

Plugin 1 Year Price 2 Year Price 3 Year Price
Coupon Affiliates $155.88 $311.76 $467.64
SliceWP $169.00 $398.00 $627.00

Pricing shows the most expensive plan for both plugins that is required in order to get access to all features.

Feature Comparison

The Coupon Affiliates plugin is a SliceWP alternative that won't let you down, with a huge variety of awesome features, all included in one simple plan.

Feature Coupon Affiliates SliceWP
Affiliate Management
Installation Wizard
Affiliate Dashboard
Recent Orders / Referrals Section
Monthly Summary Section
Affiliate Reports & Analytics
Recurring Commissions
Payouts Management
One-Click PayPal Payouts
One-Click Stripe Payouts
Store Credit Payouts
Scheduled & Automated Payouts
Flexible Commission Calculations
Lifetime Commission
Email Marketing Integrations Soon
Invoices & Statements
Refund Protection
Security & Theft Prevention
Referral URLs
Auto Apply Coupon Via Referral URL
Social Sharing
URL Click & Conversion Statistics
Short URL Generator
QR Code Generator
Referral Campaigns
Cross-site Tracking
Leaderboard Soon
Affiliate Landing Pages
Direct Link Tracking
Affiliate Registration System
Unlimited Affiliates
Multi-Level Affiliates System
Custom Dashboard Tabs
Affiliate Email & PDF Reports
Multi-Currency Support
Built Exclusive For WooCommerce
No Additional Fees

Integrations Comparison

The Coupon Affiliates plugin was built exclusively for WooCommerce, but can still integrate with some other eCommerce plugins. Let's see how it compares.

Feature Coupon Affiliates SliceWP
Paid Memberships Pro
Easy Digital Downloads
Restrict Content Pro

If you need an affiliate program for a WooCommerce website and want to make use of coupons, we believe Coupon Affiliates is the best option. However, SliceWP is our top recommendation if you are using something else like Easy Digital Downloads.


As long as you are already using WooCommerce, and have given your affiliates coupons, migration from SliceWP to Coupon Affiliates can be super simple.

Coupon Affiliates will look back at your full order history, and calculate statistics even from orders created before you installed our plugin.

If you need any help with migration, feel free to contact us.

Learn more about Coupon Affiliates

If you want to learn more about Coupon Affiliates and all the features it offers, in comparison to SliceWP, then check out our features page.

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