Plugin Changelog


  • Improvement (PRO): Added option to send an example report to yourself, for the “affiliate email reports” module, when customising the settings.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with “affiliate info” not displaying for some orders, in certain occasions.
  • Other: Updated translation files.

VERSION 4.12.0 – 19TH OCTOBER 2021

  • New (PRO): Added new “Affiliate Email Reports” module.
  • Tweak: Small styling tweaks/fixes to login form on affiliate dashboard.
  • Tweak: Edited border styling of some buttons and fields on affiliate dashboard to be more consistent.
  • Fix: Fixed wrong “Total Usage” amount on list of coupons, when user is assigned to multiple coupons.


  • Fix: Small code security improvement/tweak.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with coupons not applying on checkout page until page refreshed, when the “Hide the Coupon code applied successfully message” setting was enabled.
  • Tweak: Hidden the “Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products.” message that shows via referral link, if the setting is enabled to hide the “Coupon code applied successfully.” message.

VERSION 4.11.3 – 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021

  • New: Added option to either enable or disable customers ability to use multiple affiliate coupons in the same order (in “General” settings).
  • Tweak: Tweaked the “% Change” column to show 0% when no change.
  • Fix: Fixed the “payout details” field on affiliate dashboard settings not always showing the current value in the field.
  • Fix: Fixed a few debug warnings displaying on some sites.

VERSION 4.11.2 – 27TH AUGUST 2021

  • New: Added new option to either allow/deny the affiliate user from applying their own coupon code at cart/checkout. Can be found under “General” settings.
  • New (PRO): Added new option to enable a “% Change” column to the monthly summary table.
  • Fix: Fixed an error on some sites, with multi-currency feature, when using an old PHP version or “php-intl” extension not installed on server.

VERSION 4.11.1 – 25TH AUGUST 2021

  • New: Added a new “Custom Adjustment” option to “General” settings (under “Tax Settings”) which lets you deduct a custom percentage from the order subtotal, before calculating the commission.
  • New (PRO): Added “Telegram” as an option for referral URL social sharing buttons.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed social sharing icons not always generating correct link on initial page load.
  • Fix: Fixed the admin “Affiliate Info” column in orders list not always showing the coupon/affiliate info for lifetime referrals.
  • Fix: Fixed the admin “Affiliate Info” column in orders list not showing correct “commission” value in the tooltip for multi-currency orders.
  • Dev: Added PHPDoc comments to more functions and classes for easier understanding, and “function_exists” checks to more functions (more will be added in future updates).


  • Fix: Small code security improvement/tweak.


  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue/warning displaying with landing pages enabled.

VERSION 4.11.0 – 21ST AUGUST 2021

  • New Feature: Added new feature to support “multi-currency” plugins. You can now enable multi-currency support and set conversion rates for your store currencies. Supports most (if not all) multi currency plugins.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added new option to enable “new payout request” emails for admins, to notify when a payout request has been made.
  • Tweak: Added a new “refresh all data” button in debug settings.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with “Custom Tabs” settings not saving properly with new ajax saving enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed issue/conflict with WooCommerce subscription renewals not working properly on some sites.


  • Small fix for issue when both free & pro version being activated.


  • A few small tweaks related to the 4.10.0 update.
  • Fix: Fixed alignment of “add campaign” field/button on some themes.

VERSION 4.10.0 – 2ND AUGUST 2021

  • New Feature (PRO): Added new option to allow affiliates to upload an invoice whilst requesting a commission payout. As an admin, you can then view/download the invoice in the payouts tab, before paying the commission. This feature can be set to disabled, optional, or required.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added new “Statements” feature, to automatically generate a PDF statement for payout requests, with the payout details, which can be downloaded. A variety of customisations are available in the plugin settings.
  • Improvement: Updated the admin settings page to instantly update settings via ajax, when each individual setting is updated (removed the “save” button). Shows notification/icon to confirm update.
  • Fix: Fixed alignment of “add new” campaign field in the affiliate referral URL tab.
  • Fix: Fixed possible lightbox conflict with creatives tab if website already has lightbox installed.
  • Fix: Fixed the “Creatives Text” which was not showing on the creatives tab as it should.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with commission not updating in dashboard instantly, when the commission amount/percentage is changed in settings.
  • Dev: Restructured the admin settings page code to be more compact and organised.


  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with landing pages links not working on some occasions, since the 4.9.0 update.


  • Tweak: Few small styling changes to plugin settings page.
  • Fix: Fixed “Generate Dashboard Page” button sometimes displaying a slightly broken page when complete.
  • Fix: Fixed “Settings” link for plugin in plugins list.


  • Tweak: Updated so that the affiliate dashboard stats will force refresh next time the affiliate dashboard is loaded, if the commission amounts (for that coupon) are updated.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed the “usage_count” meta data (the usage count visible to admins in the coupons list) being copied over from template coupon when affiliate registration is accepted.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where each affiliate dashboard tab would flash briefly if “ajax loading” was disabled, but “load each page individually with ajax” was still enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare “Undefined index: post_type” PHP warning occasionally showing on some sites.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed “stdClass could not be converted” PHP notice with “creatives” enabled.

VERSION 4.9.1 – 21ST JULY 2021

  • Improvement: Updated the “Required order status to show on affiliate dashboard” option to allow any order statuses to be selected (including custom statuses).
  • Improvement (PRO): Added new option under “Payouts” to select a custom order status for when “unpaid commission” is granted.
  • Improvement: Added “button hover” colour option to “design” tab in plugin settings.
  • Improvement: Updated the “Default amount of latest orders to show” option to be more accurate, and only counts statuses that should be displayed (so hidden statuses don’t reduce the amount). This will only fix/change if settings are saved with the updated “Required order status” option.
  • Tweak (FREE): “Enable affiliate email notifications” option is now visible when editing coupons.
  • Tweak: Changed “Total Uses” text to “Total Conversions” on the referral URL tab.
  • Tweak: Added code to delete “campaigns” and “clicks” tables, on plugin deletion, if the delete data option is enabled (in “debug”).
  • Fix: Fixed a rare “Undefined variable: coupon_code” PHP warning occasionally showing on some sites.
  • Fix: Fixed new occasional “Undefined index” PHP Notice on Coupon List page.

VERSION 4.9.0 – 19TH JULY 2021

  • New Feature (PRO): Added new “creatives” feature to the plugin. This will display a new “Creatives” tab on the affiliate dashboard. You can add/upload unlimited creatives, then they will be displayed on the affiliate dashboard with preview, download, and copy code buttons.
  • New Feature (FREE): Email Notifications to notify affiliates when their coupon is used (and they’ve earned new commission) are now available in the free version. These can be customised or turned off in the “general” settings.
  • New Feature (FREE): The “Settings” tab is now available in the free version which allows users to edit their profile, and enable/disable email notifications. This can be disabled in the “general” settings.
  • New Feature (FREE): When generating admin reports, the filter “Only show coupons that are assigned to an affiliate user.” is now available in the free version.
  • Improvement (FREE): In the free version, admin reports can now be generated for the past 4 weeks.
  • Improvement (FREE): The “Affiliate User” column is now visible on the admin coupons list.
  • Tweak: Made a few small design updates to plugin settings page.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with some features being blocked in the PRO trial.


  • Tweak: Hidden the “(1)” icon shown in the “Coupon Affiliates” admin menu when a trial is available.
  • Fix: Fixed the “converted” column in admin “Referral URL Visits” page being hidden in the free version, instead of the “campaign” column.

VERSION 4.8.0 – 15TH JULY 2021

  • New Feature: Added new “visit history” log to “referral URL” tab, so affiliates can view their click/visit history for their referral links. This shows the page, referring URL, campaign, date, and if the visit was convered into a sale.
  • New Feature: Added new “Referral URL Visits” admin page, to view all clicks/visits for all affiliate coupons.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added feature to add social sharing buttons to the referral URL, so affiliates can instantly share their generated referral link.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added feature to allow affiliate users to generate a short URL for their referral link automatically. In 1 click it will turn their long referral link, into a nice shortlink.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added feature to allow affiliate users to automatically generate a QR code for their referral link.
  • New Feature (PRO): Added a new “landing pages” section in the “referral URL” tab, which shows all the landing pages that the coupon is assigned to, along with the link and share buttons etc.
  • Improvement: Updated/improved the design of the “referral URL” tab, and the default tables styling slightly.
  • Improvement: Updated so that when ajax loading is enabled, affiliate dashboard content is only loaded (via ajax) for each tab when the tab is clicked/selected. This shows the brief “loading…” animation the first time the tab is clicked whilst it loads the content. This help simprove performance. Can be toggled off (to load all tabs instantly) in “debug” settings.
  • Improvement: Small improvement to loading speed when filtering orders and monthly summary on affiliate dashboard.
  • Improvement: Added a filter in admin “coupons” list, to only show the coupons that have an affiliate user assigned to them.
  • Improvement: Added option under “referral URL” settings to choose whether to track all new referral URL clicks from the same visitor/user, or just track the first visit (until cookie expires).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with line graphs sometimes displaying squashed (on rare occasions).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with monthly summary and recent orders list tables on small screens (mobile) not always displaying correctly.

VERSION 4.7.7 – 6TH JULY 2021

  • Improvement (PRO): Added button to delete rows/table entries from the admin “payouts” and “registrations” section.
  • Improvement (PRO): Added new option in “registration” settings to show affiliate registration form to logged in users on the affiliate dashboard page, if they are not already assigned to any coupons.
  • Improvement (PRO): Added new option in “registration” settings to select whether or not to remove the “pending” and/or “subscriber” affiliate role from user when their affiliate application is accepted.
  • Improvement: Added new option in “general” settings to display the order “status” in the orders list on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with not being able to remove assigned coupon code from landing page.
  • Fix: Fixed occasional “string offset” debug warning showing on some sites, for coupons with no orders.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with plugin conflicting with some other “coupon” related plugins such as “Extended Coupon Features”, by stopping some other custom coupon settings tabs from displaying.
  • Fix: Fixed issue for sites that have a very large amount of users, where the edit/add coupon page would load very slow/timeout.

VERSION 4.7.6 – 26TH JUNE 2021

  • Update (PRO): Added option to only assign user to “Coupon Affiliate” user role when affiliate application is accepted.
  • Update (PRO): Added option to choose your own custom user role for accepted and pending affiliate applications.
  • Tweak (PRO): The “template coupon” field is no longer forced to be “required”, as it caused some confusion with settings not saving.
  • Tweak: Added an extra conditional check when making a coupon affiliate dashboard page private, if there is a user assigned to the coupon.
  • Tweak (PRO): Added the {username} and {name} placeholder to the affiliate application accepted email.
  • Tweak (PRO): Made the affiliate dashboard link in all notification emails clickable.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed bug where affiliates username placeholder was not always correct in admin email notification.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with the affiliate registration form when “New Affiliate Account Created” email was disabled.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed occasional issue with “new coupon usage” email not sending to the affiliate user.
  • Fix: Fixed occasional “non-numeric value” error on WooCommerce admin orders list for some sites when order processing.

VERSION 4.7.5 – 24TH JUNE 2021

  • Update (PRO): Added option to disable username field on registration form, and user the email address as username instead.
  • Update: Added setting/option to hide the “Coupon code applied successfully.” message on all pages except for the cart/checkout pages.
  • Tweak: Updated so the logout link on affiliate dashboard, redirects back to the affiliate dashboard page.
  • Tweak: Updated alignment of the password visibility icon on some sites, on the registration form.
  • Tweak (PRO): Made the approve/decline link in admin “New Affiliate Application” email clickable.
  • Tweak (PRO): Added a colour change when hover over accept/decline buttons on admin registrations page.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with “ajax loading” not working, when website/server had ModSecurity firewall enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed “View Affiliate Dashboard” link in orders list “Affiliate Info”, when the “Remove coupon ID from unique coupon URL” is enabled.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue when admin user fills out affiliate registration form with the “Allow administrator users to fill out the registration form for new users” setting enabled.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue on some sites with affiliate registration form, redirect not working.
  • Fix (PRO): Small fix for recent orders table on affiliate dashboard, with the footer columns not always being full width.
  • Fix: Fixed a few small php / debug errors in admin area, showing on some sites.
  • Fix: Fixed “get_woocommerce_currency_symbol” function error on some sites.


  • Fix: Fixed a small error with “affiliate user” selection field when editing coupon and the “Only show users with the coupon affiliate role” setting is enabled.


  • Tweak: Added a “remove” option on the “affiliate user” selection field when editing coupon.


  • Update: Added option to display a “logout” link on affiliate dashboard at the top right.
  • Update: Improved the “affiliate user” select field on coupon edit page. Now functions as an autocomplete field. Simply start typing the username, then it will give options to autocomplete.
  • Tweak: Added a little spacing to dashboard tabs if there are multiple rows.
  • Fix: In free version, fixed occasional issue when users assigned to coupon, they can’t view their coupon dashboard without having to use the unique link.

VERSION 4.7.4 – 18TH JUNE 2021

  • New Feature (PRO): Added new feature to add your own custom tabs (with custom content) to the affiliate dashboard. This can be found under the new “tabs” section in the plugin settings.
  • New Settings (PRO): Added options under “Notifications” settings to set a custom email address and name, for the email notifications.
  • New Settings (PRO): Added option under “registration” settings to redirect to a page after submitting affiliate registration form, instead of showing a message.
  • Tweak: A few small style changes/improvements on “pro modules” section of plugin settings.
  • Tweak: A few small style tweaks to affiliate dashboard statistics to be more consistent and aligned on different themes.
  • Fix: On recent orders table, extended table footer to always be full width. (In some cases, when the products list was disabled and certain other columns were enabled, it wouldn’t be full width.)


  • Fix: A few small debug error fixes for the 4.7.3 update.

VERSION 4.7.3 – 15TH JUNE 2021

  • Update: Speed Improvement – Added option to save the calculated commission for orders as meta data (enabled by default).
  • Update: Speed Improvement – Added option to save the “all time” stats for coupons as meta data (enabled by default).
  • Notes: These “Speed Improvements” will make loading speed for the affiliate dashboard, and admin reports faster. Websites with a large amount of coupons and orders should see a more significant speed boost. You can toggle these off in “debug” settings if needed. Order refunds will trigger these values to be updated as normal.
  • Update (FREE): Free version now includes the feature to assign users to coupons (previously a PRO feature)! This also lets you show a login form on the affiliate dashboard. If users login and are assigned to the user, they are taken directly to their coupon affiliate dashboard, without needing to use the unique link. If a coupon has an assigned user, it then makes the unique link also private to them.
  • Update (PRO): Added a field in “registration” settings to customise the registration form submission message.
  • Update (PRO): Added a new custom user role “Coupon Affiliate”, and an option to auto assign users to this role on new affiliate registrations.
  • Update (PRO): Update so that when affiliate registration form is filled out, if there is a validation error (such as username exists), the fields will no longer be emptied and existing values are saved in the form.
  • Update (PRO): Added a check to see if email already exists on affiliate registration form, and displays a validation error/message if it does already exist.
  • Update (PRO): Added an option under “debug” to change the user dropdown list when editing coupons to only show users with the custom “Coupon Affiliate” user role, instead of all users.
  • Tweak: Made a few small css changes to the dashboard to improve/unify spacing on some themes. Also added a little extra spacing between start/end date filter fields.
  • Tweak: Slightly improved the “get started” tutorial message shown on initial installation.
  • Tweak: Added a sidebar to settings page with some help and upgrade links.
  • Tweak: Disabled the “affiliate dashboard URLs” in coupons list (shows message instead), if dashboard page has not been created / assigned in settings.
  • Tweak: Moved the percentage change stat on smaller screens (below the number instead of to the right).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with admin reports in free version where the “Only show coupons with sales…” filter wasn’t working properly.
  • Fix: Fixed login redirect on affiliate dashboard page for some sites.
  • Fix: Fixed the registrations link in admin emails when there is a new affiliate registration.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with “recent orders” list, where “refunded” orders where still being counted in the code, and therefore limiting the amount of orders displayed by default.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with refunds, when order fully refunded, and “fixed order commission” is set.
  • Fix: Fixed commission reset issue with lifetime referral orders status change from completed back to something else.

VERSION 4.7.2 – 8TH JUNE 2021

  • New Feature: Added support for the “WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugin. Can toggle recurring commission on or off in settings, and with PRO you can also optionally set a limit on how many recurring orders are rewarded.
  • Update: Basic support is also included for most other subscriptions plugins (recurring referrals enabled) but the custom settings are not available.
  • Update: Added icons to affiliate dashboard “recent orders” list for subscription orders, to determine if it’s a new subscription, or renewal order.
  • Update (PRO): Update so WooCommerce subscription renewals copy over lifetime commission referrer from subscription parent order if set.
  • Update (PRO): Added option to automatically accept affiliate applications instead of manual approval.
  • Update (PRO): Added option to edit line graph color.
  • Tweak: The “dashboard page” setting will now be automatically updated, if a page is found to have the shortcode, but it’s not been assigned in settings.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with code that checks if any page has the shortcode already.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with “lifetime commission” earnings, if user was linked to affiliate, and they place order with another affiliates coupon.
  • Dev: Edited 5 function names to include missing prefix.
  • Dev: Re-structured some files (inc/functions) to be more organised.
  • Other: Added option under “debug” settings to delete plugin data on uninstallation.

VERSION 4.7.1 – 4TH JUNE 2021

  • New Feature (PRO): Added new “affiliate landing page” functionality to link pages to a coupon code, which act the same way as a referral URL.
  • Update (PRO): Added new option to set the lifetime commission “expiry” days on a per-coupon basis.
  • Tweak: Tweaked referral URL cookie code to set cookie on the site globally.
  • Tweak: Added password visibility toggle on affiliate registration form.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with “New Coupon Usage” email message sometimes showing default message, even when it’s been edited.
  • Fix: Fixed localisation issue with WPML plugin when ajax loading enabled (for content loaded by ajax).
  • Fix: Fixed 2 translations not working properly in localisation.


  • Tweak: Changed affiliate dashboard coupon title to h2.
  • Tweak: Changed default required order status to show orders to “completed or processing”.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with the custom translations when saving.
  • Fix: Fixed a confusion with one of the translations in localisation (stats toggle labels).
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with editing the “New Coupon Usage” email message.
  • Dev: Small changes to referral URL code layout.

VERSION 4.7.0 – 29TH MAY 2021

  • New Feature (PRO): Added new option to enable “Lifetime Commission” functionality for affiliate referrals.
  • Tweak: Made some UX improvements to the plugin settings page, with some new sub headers, and some fields now show or hide based on other settings.
  • Tweak: Added a “{email}” placeholder for some of the email notifications to include the affiliates email address.
  • Tweak: Styling tweaks to “pro addons” section in plugin settings.
  • Tweak: Hidden the “Affiliate User” label in the “Affiliate Info” tooltip in orders list, if there is no user assigned.
  • Tweak (Pro): Tweak to payouts cron job to prevent possible duplicates incase daily cron somehow runs twice in same day.
  • Tweak (Pro): Moved “Change Payment Method Label” setting to under Payouts settings tab.
  • Fix: Fixed a few layout issues for the date filters on affiliate dashboard, on some websites.
  • Fix: Fixed affiliate registration form sometimes still showing even if disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed a ‘user_login’ non-object debug notice on orders list in free version.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with getting started auto generate affiliate dashboard page – page not being set in the settings.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with the “wcusage_field_color_table” being empty by default.
  • Fix (Pro): Fix payment column showing in payouts “pending payments” section even when “Payment Details” is disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed occasional checkout issue.
  • Dev: Edited some function names.


  • Tweak: Small tweaks to the getting started page URLs.
  • Fix: Fixed error on admin reports where “usage” comparison percentage was showing 0%.
  • Fix: Fixed error on admin reports where it was showing admin user as the affiliate user.
  • Fix: Fixed a few debug notices on admin orders page for some sites.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with admin reports “export to CSV” file, some cells being empty.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where “unpaid” and “pending” sections were showing in admin reports, even if payouts features/addon were disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed an error with referral URL “usage” stat when certain settings enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed an “undefined method” error for some websites.
  • Fix: Fixed some “trying to access array offset” debug notices for some websites.

VERSION 4.6.0 – 21ST MAY 2021

  • New Feature: Added new admin “reports & analytics” admin section to the plugin. This allows admins to generate a custom report with analytics for ALL coupons in WooCommerce. You can select certain filters to customise the reports. With the Pro version unlimited date range, and date comparisons can be selected. Whilst in the free version you can create reports for the past 2 weeks.
  • Update (PRO): Added a new custom email in “notifications” settings, to set your own custom new account registration email message.
  • Update (PRO): Added an option to display “Account Details” in the “settings” section of the affiliate dashboard. This shows the WooCommerce edit profile fields and password change.
  • Update (PRO): Added “Coupon History Start Date” option in individual coupons settings. This allows you to set a custom date which coupon data should start tracking from. Any sales history before this date will be ignored on the coupon affiliate dashboard.
  • Update: Added a new option in “general settings” to change the permission required for plugin admin capabilities between administrator and shop manager.
  • Tweak (PRO): Added option to allow “administrator” users to fill out the affiliate registration form as a new user (whilst logged in).
  • Tweak (PRO): Added “password” field to affiliate registration form for logged out users, to set their custom password.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed an issue with the “[couponaffiliates-register]” shortcode giving JSON error when update page.
  • Fix: Fixed a debug error showing on first ever click on a referral URL.
  • Fix: Fixed an “undefined method” error for some websites with outdated WooCommerce version.
  • Fix: Fixed PHP 7.4 error showing “Trying to access array offset” on fresh installs.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with some sites, where the content was not loading with ajax mode enabled.


  • Fix: Fixed a debug warning showing on orders page for some sites.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with dashboard URLs not working for some sites when settings not saved.


  • Tweak (PRO): Added an option in “debug” settings to disable the dropdown list of users on the “edit coupon” admin pages for the “Affiliate User” option, which has caused slow issues on rare occasions for a few sites.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with dashboard URLs not working when permalink structure was set to “plain”.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with editing coupons page loading slow when site has lots of users.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with some admin pages loading slow (orders list and coupons list) for some sites. Added “Affiliate Dashboard Page” option to settings and requires saving this to fix.


  • Fix: Fixed some small occasional PHP errors with referral URLs.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed an issue with registration form not working/submitting with reCAPTCHA disabled.


  • Tweak: Updated currency/numbers be formatted based on the “currency options” rules in the WooCommerce settings.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with referral URL conversion rate stat sometimes showing as “infinite”.
  • Fix: Fixed “Load tabs on affiliate dashboard as separate pages” option to auto enable when coupon has 500+ orders.

VERSION 4.5.0 – 29TH MARCH 2021

  • New Feature (PRO): Affiliate registration form features for users.
  • New Feature (PRO): Affiliate application management features for admins.
  • Tweak: Changed the custom email message fields to use visual text editor.
  • Tweak: Hidden “translations” settings tab unless enabled via “debug” section.
  • Tweak: Made the “Save Settings” button sticky at the bottom so it’s always visible on settings page.
  • Tweak: Updated referral URL stats to always show even if 0.
  • Tweak: Changed percentage change number for stats to 1 decimal place (rounded).
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed some issues with export buttons not working in some rare cases.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed some issues with monthly summary table not loading properly in some rare cases.
  • Fix: Fixed a JSON error when saving pages with shortcode on.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with date filters not loading correctly when ajax page loading is disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed the slight change in box height on stats tab when changing between toggles (last 30 days, last 7 days etc) for some sites.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed the monthly summary showing 1 extra month than the number entered in the “Default number of months to show” setting.
  • Fix: Fixed “non-numeric value” error on orders list for some websites.
  • Fix: Fixed some small wp_debug errors showing.
  • Fix: Fixed wp_debug errors showing on admin settings page after first install.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with translations not loading correctly for some sites.


  • Tweak: Removed some unnecessary code from affiliate dashboard which will help improve speed slightly.


  • Tweak: Changed the “total usage” number to be more accurate, only showing the number of “completed” orders.
  • Tweak: Changed the styling of line graphs slightly.
  • Fix: Fixed the alignment of the stats icons on some websites (center vertically).

VERSION 4.4.2 – 15TH MARCH 2021

  • Update: Added a “refresh stats” button to affiliate dashboard page (when ajax enabled). Clicking this will refresh all stats (with any new orders), without having to actually reload/refresh the page.
  • Update (PRO): Added login form to affiliate dashboard page when users are logged out. Can be toggled off in Pro settings.
  • Update: Now load referral URL stats via ajax (after page load). Can be updated with the “refresh stats” button.
  • Update (PRO): Now load the payouts section via ajax (after page load). Can be updated with the “refresh stats” button.
  • Update: Updated the “Pro” section design in the plugin settings area. Changed section name to “Pro Addons”.
  • Tweak: Added a message to affiliate dashboard landing page, when user is assigned to no coupons.
  • Fix: Small styling fixes for filters and buttons on some sites.
  • Fix: Small styling fix on orders table cell spacing on some sites.
  • Fix: Fixed the “Request Payout” button sometimes showing more than 2 decimals.
  • Fix: Fixed some broken links in the plugin admin area for sites on a subdirectory domain.

VERSION 4.4.1 – 11TH MARCH 2021

  • Update: Added a new option in general settings to choose how orders & stats are sorted on the affiliate dashboard. You can select either the “paid date” (default) or the “completed date”.
  • Update: Added design options to also customise the text colour for some elements on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Update: Added localized translations for Portuguese (Brazil).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with the “Remove coupon ID from unique coupon URL” option enabled, with URL with ID no longer worked.
  • Fix: Fixed php error “Division by zero” sometimes showing on stats page for some sites.
  • Dev: Tested and updated support for WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1


  • Fix: Fixed issue with stats on the statistics tab not always aligning up properly with orders summary.


  • Tweak: Tweaks to custom styling.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with users coupons list / landing page not displaying when they are only assigned to 1 coupon.

VERSION 4.4.0 – 8TH MARCH 2021

  • Update: The affiliate dashboard “statistics”, “recent orders”, and “monthly summary” tabs now load with ajax (after the page has loaded), for much faster initial page load times (for larger coupons). Currently the line graphs (pro) still load before page load, but this is being worked on.
  • Update: When the “recent orders” and “monthly summary” table filters are submitted, they no longer refresh the page, and update the data dynamically instead (with ajax).
  • Update: Added a new optional column to the orders list to show the order ID. This is clickable for admins, to open the order page in backend.
  • Update: Added a new optional column to the orders list to show the order “country”.
  • Update: Added a new optional column to the orders list to show the order “city”.
  • Update: Added a new optional column to the orders list to show the order user “first name”.
  • Update: Added option in settings to show list of products as a “MORE” toggle dropdown, instead of showing them in a column. Enabled by default.
  • Update: Added new “design” tab to settings. Moved some previous layout settings here, and added 5 new options to customise colors on affiliate dashboard (tabs, tab hover, table headers, buttons and stats icons).
  • Update (PRO): Added an option to change the “statistics” tab toggles to show as “All-time / This Month / Last Month” OR “All Time / Last 30 Days / Last 7 Days”.
  • Update (PRO): The [couponaffiliates] will now show the affiliate dashboard for the coupon(s) the user is assigned to, if a specific coupon URL/ID is not selected. This makes the [couponaffiliates-user] shortcode redundant, and you only need one page for both the unique links, and users affiliate dashboard.
  • Update (PRO): Updated layout/design of the coupons list on affiliate dashboard (boxed with columns), when the user is assigned to multiple coupons.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed the “total usage” on the coupons list for users on the affiliate dashboard (when assigned to multiple coupons).
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed the URLs to dashboards on the coupons list for users on the affiliate dashboard (when assigned to multiple coupons).
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with the “last 90 days” line chart sometimes showing wrong date order.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with “totals” row in monthly summary table only showing totals from the last month.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the “all-time”, “last 30 days” and “last 7 days” toggles on “statistics” page not working on some sites.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with “Make all dashboard URLs private” option.


  • Tweak: Some edits to admin settings when Pro version purchased but still on free version.
  • Tweak (PRO): Force enable “load tabs on affiliate dashboard as separate pages” for coupons with over 500 orders.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with “monthly summary” table filter.
  • Fix: Fixed jQuery not loading properly on some websites for the affiliate dashboard.


  • Tweak: Swapped “start” and “end” in filters.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with “recent orders” filter refreshing on submit with the “Load tabs on affiliate dashboard as separate pages.” option enabled.
  • Fix: Only show “Type:” text in the discount box if there is text to display.


  • Fix: Fixed a jQuery issue.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed export to CSV buttons not working properly since 4.3.5.

VERSION 4.3.5 – 28TH FEB 2021

  • Update: Made some code tweaks to further improve affiliate dashboard performance for coupons/sites with large volumes of orders.
  • Dev: Updated file and folder structure, and updated some code to be more organised.

VERSION 4.3.4 – 27TH FEB 2021

  • Update: Added a “Performance & Debug” settings tab with some options to help improve affiliate dashboard performance on sites that have coupons with very large volumes of orders.
    –> New option: Load tabs on affiliate dashboard as seperate pages.
    –> New option: Hide the “all-time” stats on statistics tab and line graph.
  • Update (PRO): Added optional setting to make all dashboard URLs private/hidden to everyone except administrators.
  • Update: Added a text field in “referral URL” settings to add custom text at the top of the referral URL tab in the affiliate dashboard.
  • Tweak: Some other small tweaks to help improve performance.


  • Fix: Fixed some errors and php warnings appearing on some sites.

VERSION 4.3.3 – 26TH FEB 2021

  • Update: Removed the ‘admin list of dashboard URLs’ page, and now integrated these features directly into the WooCommerce coupons list with 3 new columns “Affiliate” (Pro), “Unpaid Commission” (Pro), and “Affiliate Dashboard” link. The reason for this change is due to the old system not performing great for sites with lots of coupons/sales. This new system also integrates better with WooCommerce in general.
  • Update: Added new main page for the plugin in the admin area, with quick links, help, and plugin info.
  • Update (PRO): Added option to change default number of months shown in “monthly summary” section.
  • Update: Added toggle to hide WooCommerce marketing boxes at bottom of coupon list page.
  • Tweak: Center aligned text in table cells on affiliate dashboard.
  • Tweak: Small tweaks/fixes to improve affiliate dashboard loading speed.
  • Tweak: Updated styling/alignment for the filters and export button.
  • Tweak: Updated styling of toggles on settings page.
  • Fix: Fixed some styling issues that were appearing on some themes.

VERSION 4.3.2 – 24TH FEB 2021

  • Update: Added full localization support for the admin/backend area of the plugin (settings etc).
  • Fix: Fixed issue with localized translations not loading.
  • Fix: Fixed a jQuery issue/conflict on some sites.
  • Fix: Tweaked some styling on the dashboard tabs on smaller screens.
  • Fix: Fixed settings for showing ‘Affiliate Info’ sections.

VERSION 4.3.1 – 23RD FEB 2021

  • Tweak: Added translations options for some new strings that were added in 4.3.0
  • Tweak: Added automatic translation to default WordPress language for months in the line graph.
  • Tweak: Only show commission line charts if commission is enabled, and charts are enabled.
  • Tweak: Will now always show stats boxes for “All-time, Last 30 Days, Last 7 Days” even if 0.
  • Tweak: When the content area width is small (less than 850px), remove icons from stats boxes.
  • Tweak: Edited the “get started” section when installing the plugin.
  • Fix: Fixed increase/decrease sometimes showing as “NAN%” or “INF%” when amount is 0.
  • Fix: Fixed payouts settings heading showing in settings tab, even when it was disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed commission line graph increments when commission is 0.
  • Fix: Small styling tweaks/fixes to monthly summary table, and recent orders table.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with referral URLs not applying coupon properly and showing duplicate “already applied” messages.
  • Fix: Fixed a theme conflict with pages (with the affiliate dashboard shortcode) that have a sidebar, causing the sidebar to break.

VERSION 4.3.0 – 22ND FEB 2021

  • Update: Improved the design of the “Statistics” tab (boxed layout) with icons, and cleaner design.
  • Update: In the “Statistics” tab, added 3 filters/toggles for the “total sales”, “total discounts”, and “total commission” stats, to show either “all-time”, “last 30 days”, or “last 7 days”.
  • Update: Improved design of “referral URL” tab on affiliate dashboard to also have the boxed layout for stats.
  • Update (PRO): Added detailed line graphs to the “Statistics” page to show commission earned, on a day by day bases, for past “90 days”, “30 days”, or “7 days”. This can be toggled in the “Pro Settings”.
  • Update: Added a new “Affiliate Info” column to the WooCommerce “orders” list (admin page). This will show the coupon code used, and a tooltip, which when hovered shows the affiliate user, commission for that order, and a direct link to the affiliate dashboard for that coupon.
  • Update: Added a new “Affiliate Info” meta box widget to the individual ‘order’ page (when editing an order), to show coupon code used, affiliate user, commission for that order, and a link to the affiliate dashboard.
  • Update: Added a field to set “custom commission message” for the default commission values in the “commission” settings tab.
  • Tweak: Updated it so that the “commission” type message on the affiliate dashboard shows the all 3 types, if the “custom commission message” is not set.
  • Tweak: Added font awesome support for the affiliate dashboard page.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with referral URLs not always applying the coupon code when enabled.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with coupon affiliate dashboard page still visible to anyone even if a user is assigned to coupon.

VERSION 4.2.1 – 17TH FEB 2021

  • Update: Added new “boxed” layout design to the “Statistics” tab.
  • Tweak: Added title to the “Referral URL” tab.
  • Fix (PRO): Fix “Unpaid Commission” in “Payouts” not always showing as 2 decimals.

VERSION 4.2.0 – 15TH FEB 2021

  • Update: Added a custom ‘start’ and ‘end’ date filter to the recent orders list table.
  • Update: Added an option to choose the required order status for order stats to be counted/displayed on affiliate dashboard (Completed or Completed/Processing)
  • Update (PRO): Added a custom ‘start’ and ‘end’ month filter to the monthly summary table.
  • Update (PRO): Added section to bottom of ‘recent orders table’ and ‘monthly summary table’ to show the combined totals for all orders within the selected date range.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed issue with “Enable affiliate email notifications” and “Additional Email Addresses” settings not always working properly.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed some issues in admin “commission payouts” area with it not always showing username & payment details properly.
    – Dev: Updated function names to be more standardised. Updated some code structure in admin options.
  • Dev: Updated freemius SDK to 2.4.2


– Fix: Removed empty “Settings” tab from free version.

VERSION 4.1.2 – 11TH FEB 2021

  • Update: Added localization translations support.
  • Update: Added a checkbox to confirm updating “Unpaid Commission” when editing a coupon.
  • Update (PRO): Added settings tab to coupon affiliate dashboard.
  • Update (PRO): Added optional setting for affiliate user to enable/disable email notifications.
  • Update (PRO): Added optional setting for affiliate user to add additional email addresses to receive notifications.
  • Tweak (PRO): Moved the “payment details” field under settings tab, if the settings tab is enabled.
  • Tweak: Added a message under orders list, when no orders are available.
  • Tweak: Made a small tweaks to the admin “affiliate coupons list” page design. Added a “commission” column.
  • Tweak: A few small styling tweaks on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Fix: Fixed a warning that sometimes displayed on referral URLs tab.
  • Fix: Fixed “Request Payout” translation not working.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed an issue with decimals not working when a payout request is made.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed an error when calculating commission, when only product commission was set.
  • Other: Tested with WooCommerce 5.0.0


  • Fix: Allow commission setting field to accept decimal values.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with slightly incorrect commission when “show tax” was enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed some warnings/errors appearing on some websites.
  • Fix: Fixed “Fixed Amount Per Order” commission not always being added to commission.
  • Fix: Few small code fixes.
  • Fix: Few small styling fixes.


  • Update: Added more flexible commission settings. You can now set fixed commission amounts (either per order, or per product), alongside percentage of the total order. You can set all 3 of these for a combined total if required.
  • Update: Added option to show a list of products purchased (and quantities) in the orders list.
  • Update (PRO): In PRO version flexible commission settings now also be set at product level, as well as coupon level. This will overwrite the defaults.
  • Update (PRO): Added an option in settings to choose the priority commission level (product or coupon) if both are set.
  • Update (PRO): Added an option to display list of products purchased (and quantities) in monthly summary table.
  • Update (PRO): Added ability to add order id and list of products purchased in the email notifications.
  • Update: Added a new optional setting to make commission be calculated BEFORE the discount from the coupon has been applied.
  • Update: Updated it so that refunds are considered when calculating commission. Also, if an order is refunded, or partially refunded, this is removed from the affiliate/coupons pending commission.
  • Developer: Improved overall code structure for commission calculations.
  • Fix: Fixed some translations not working properly.
  • Fix: Other small fixes.

VERSION 4.0.1 – 4.0.4

  • Fix: Some small bug fixes for version 4.


  • Changed plugin name to ‘Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce’.
  • Update: Added referral links feature, which auto-applies coupon code, along with click/conversion tracking.
  • Update: Moved list of unique coupon URL’s to admin area, and improved layout, added filters, and more. Improved accuracy of search.
  • Update: Added some new settings and customisations.
  • Update: Added orders list ‘table layout’ option to free version.
  • Update: Added extra help/support features.
  • Update (Pro): Added commission payout requests and tracking features.
  • Update (Pro): Added email notifications for affiliates when new commission is earned.

Version 3.1.6
– Update: Freemius Version Update

Version 3.1.5
– Fix: Fix issue with monthly summary sometimes showing “0” values.

Version 3.1.4
– Fix: Fix issue with some “discount types” translations not working.

Version 3.1.3
– Fix: Fix issue with monthly commission calculations being slightly out.

Version 3.1.0
– Update (Pro): Added setting to coupons to assign users to a specific coupon.
– Update (Pro): Added setting to coupons to set custom commission amount for each coupon.
– Update: Added option to include/exclude tax from calculations.
– Update: Added translation options for discount types.
– Update: Added tabs to admin settings.
– Fix: Fixed some incorrect calcuations in some cases.
– Fix: Fixed issue with incorrect “usage total” sometimes being displayed.
– Fix: Fixed issue with some columns not being hidden when deselected in settings.
– Fix: Fixed issue with single coupon shortcode sometimes not displaying.
– Fix: Fixed some small bugs.

Version 3.0.11
– Update: Added setting to remove coupon ID from unique coupon URL.
– Update (Pro): Display a single coupon usage stats directly on a page

Version 3.0.9
– Fix: Fixed small error in translations settings.

Version 3.0.8
– Fix: Fixed an error with some calculations being incorrect.

Version 3.0.7
– Fix: Removed “shipping” costs from all order total calculations.

Version 3.0.6
– Fix: Error in plugin name from version 3.0.5

Version 3.0.5
– Update: Display “unique links” as https if website has SSL.
– Update: Added field to settings page, to define custom permission to view the admin “coupon list”.
– Update: A few small CSS/styling changes.
– Fix: Fixed small conflict issue with Gutenberg editor.

Version 3.0.4
– Fix: Fix calculation issue.

Version 3.0.3
– Fix: Fixed an issue with orders not showing.

Version 3.0.2
– Update: Added “Order Count” to monthly summary table.
– Fix: Bug fix

Version 3.0.1
– Fix: Fixed a small bug.

Version 3.0.0
– Update: Added optional new “Tabbed” Layout
– Update: Added more translations fields.
– Update: Added Freemius
– Update: Added Pro Version
-> Pro Version: Formatted Tables
-> Pro Version: Monthly Summary (1 Year)
-> Pro Version: Export Summary CSV File
– Fix: Fixed some PHP error notices.
– Fix: Only calculate orders that are completed or processing.