Transform Your Influencer Marketing with Coupon Affiliates

In today's digital age, influencer marketing plays a pivotal role in brand awareness and customer acquisition. Coupon Affiliates helps you harness this power with advanced tools for WooCommerce influencer programs.

Why Coupon Affiliates?

With our plugin, you can easily partner with influencers to launch robust campaigns that effectively promote your WooCommerce products to their audience. We offer all the tools they need to create and manage their own affiliate referral links and coupons, allowing for a personal touch that resonates with their followers.

Our system provides influencers with a comprehensive dashboard to track their campaign performance. They can view real-time statistics, earnings from their referrals, and other relevant data. This transparency helps influencers to adjust their strategies for better results, offering a stronger collaboration.

Influencer Dashboard.

Empower your influencers with a unique, intuitive dashboard dedicated to their referral activities.

This feature-rich dashboard provides influencers with numerous valuable tools, including comprehensive statistics on coupon usage, precise earnings calculations, recent referral orders, monthly performance summaries, payout handling, referral URL generator, click traffic data, creative assets, and more!

Affiliate Dashboard
Commission Payouts

Commission Payouts.

Influencers have the ability to keep track of and submit payout applications through their influencer dashboard.

Once a request is made, an email notification will be sent to you, providing a direct link to the admin interface where you can execute one-click payments, manage, and oversee all payouts conveniently.

Referral URLs & Click Tracking.

Influencers can create a referral link within their dashboard. This link can then be shared with their audience. Upon a follower’s click, their coupon code is automatically activated, and the click is tracked within their dashboard.

They can also employ advanced tactics such as direct link monitoring, referral campaign development, short URL creation, QR code generation, and one-click social media sharing of their referral links.

Referral URLs

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Bane Dostanic,
Bane Dostanic,

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Wiliam Jose Koester, wjk marketing
Wiliam Jose Koester, wjk marketing

"This plugin solved our problems with a super simple solution based on data that WooCommerce already collects.
In addition, developer support is great.
I recommend!"

 Johanna Kate, The Wedding Society
Johanna Kate, The Wedding Society

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Arjan Lautenbach,
Arjan Lautenbach,

"This plugin is simple to understand and operate for the WP-novice. Lots of options to really get what you want, with clear explanations with every option (a rarity in the WP plugin world). Excellent! I’m impressed. Affiliates made simple."

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