Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.16.4 – New Calculation Settings, Improvements, Tweaks, and more!

Version 4.16.4 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

This update includes several different improvements, tweaks and fixes, including some additional settings for flexible commission calculations.

New Calculation Settings

Several new options have been added to the commission settings, to further customise how % based commission is calculated, and what exactly is included in the subtotal/total statistics.

It is now possible to toggle an option to include or exclude:

  • Custom discounts (negative fees etc) from commission calculations.
  • Fees in commission calculations and in order subtotal/total stats.
  • Shipping costs in commission calculations and in order subtotal/total stats.

Referral URL Section Toggles

Added option in “Referral URLs” settings tab to show/hide the “Referral Link Generator” and “Referral Statistics” sections on the affiliate dashboard.

“Add New Affiliate” Button

Added an “Add New Affiliate” button to the admin users list, to easily add a new affiliate user on this page.

“Add New Domain” Button

Added an “Add New Domain” button to the admin domains (“domain link tracking”) page, to easily add a new domain to a coupon on this page.


  • Fees are no longer included in the “totals” and “subtotals” for orders shown in the affiliate dashboard, unless the new option to include fees in calculations is enabled.
  • Updated the “save” buttons on settings tab of affiliate dashboard to be more consistent styling on certain themes.
  • Added CSS to prevent some themes forcing the “date” filter input fields on affiliate dashboard to be much larger than needed, therefore affecting the layout.
  • Removed the extra spacing above “Commission Graph” since 4.16.3
  • Disabled some plugin/theme preloaders on affiliate dashboard page.
  • Improved the styling for toggles on the settings page.
  • Added links on the admin “Registrations” page to edit user, edit the coupon, and view the coupon affiliate dashboard.
  • Added links on the admin “Domains” page to edit the coupon, and view the coupon affiliate dashboard.
  • The form shown when “Add New Affiliate” is selected can now only be submitted if a “template coupon” has been set.


  • Fixed issue where in some cases affiliate users could not add domains for domain link tracking.
  • Fixed some of the “totals” stats with “include tax in calculations” enabled, when the order includes shipping costs or extra fees.
  • The custom “form style” option will now apply to the registration form shortcode, and fixed alignment of the submit application form on some themes.
  • Fixed issue in some cases the “Create New Registration” form in admin area not submitting, when a certain option was enabled.
  • Fixed issue on PHP 8 with admin pay button for Stripe and PayPal occasionally showing an error when clicked.


  • Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Made some small code format tweaks/improvements, and added 3 new hooks.

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