Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.1.2 – Localization, Settings Tab, Add Additional Emails to Notifications, and Small Fixes.

Version 4.1.2 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

Here’s a list of the changes included:

New Settings Tab

  • Update (PRO): Added settings tab to coupon affiliate dashboard.
  • Update (PRO): Added optional setting for affiliate user to enable/disable email notifications.
  • Update (PRO): Added optional setting for affiliate user to add additional email addresses to receive notifications.


Other Changes & Fixes

  • Update: Added localization translations support.
  • Update: Added a checkbox to confirm updating “Unpaid Commission” when editing a coupon.
  • Tweak: Moved the “payment details” field under settings tab, if the settings tab is enabled.
  • Tweak: Added a message under orders list, when no orders are available.
  • Tweak: Made a small tweaks to the admin “affiliate coupons list” page design. Added a “commission” column.
  • Tweak: A few small styling tweaks on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Fix: Fixed a warning that sometimes displayed on referral URLs tab.
  • Fix: Fixed “Request Payout” translation not working.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed an issue with decimals not working when a payout request is made.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed an error when calculating commission, when only product commission was set.
  • Other: Tested with WooCommerce 5.0.0

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