Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.1! New Flexible Commission Settings, Refund Calculations, Products Lists, and more.

Following a successful launch of version 4 last month, we’re back with another great update!

Version 4.1 sees the introduction of new commission settings, better calculations of refunds, products lists in the monthly and recent orders tables, and some other small fixes.

Flexible Commission Settings

One of the main highlights of this update is new flexible commission.

Firstly, you can now set fixed commission amounts on both a “per order” and a “per product” basis, alongside the already existing “percentage” of the total order option.

Even better, you can create more flexible commission calculations by combining all 3 (or 2) of these, for a variety of different commission combinations.


So for example, you could have commission calculated as 10% of the total order, plus $1 per product, then finally an extra $5 per order. This allows you to create a truly unique custom commission based on your exact requirements.

With the amounts mentioned above, as an example order, if the affiliate coupon was used on an order of “10 x PRODUCT”, costing $20 per product ($200 total), the total affiliate commission earned would be $20 + $10 + $5.

Set custom commission per coupon and product:

That’s not all, you can go one step further and set custom ‘flexible commission’ amounts for individual products or coupons, so they will overwrite the defaults. You can also choose a priority between product or coupon commission, so if both are set, it will use the commission amount from that. If neither of these are set, it will use the default.


Refund Calculations

We’ve now updated it so that refunds are considered when calculating and displaying commission.

  • If an order is fully refunded this is removed from the affiliate/coupons pending commission (if it has been given).
  • If an order is partial refunded, the commission for that refunded amount is deducted from the affiliates pending commission (if it has been given).
  • If an order is changed from completed to another status, any commission given for that order will be deducted from the affiliates pending commission.

Products Lists

We’ve now added a new option to display a list of products, and quantities, in both the recent orders and monthly summary tables. These can be enabled in the plugin settings.


Calculate Commission Before Discount

A new optional setting has been added to make commission be calculated BEFORE the discount from the coupon has been applied. This was a popular request by several plugin users.

Other Changes & Fixes

  • Added ability to add order id and list of products purchased in the email notifications.
  • Improved overall code structure for commission calculations.
  • Fixed some translations not working properly.
  • Fixed a few other very small bugs.

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