Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.16.2 – Limit To New Customers Only

Version 4.16.2 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available!

Limit Coupons To New Customers Only

A new option has been added to make it so affiliate coupons can only be used by new customers on their first order. This can be enabled in Settings > General > Coupon Usage Restrictions.

If preferred, you can enable “New Customers Only” for individual coupons in the “Usage limits” coupon settings tab.

Registration Form Styles

An option has been added to change the style of the login/registration forms, with 3 styles now available:

  • Default (Uses your default theme styles)
  • Modern (Bold)
  • Modern (Company)

Other Tweaks

  • The “Required order status to show on affiliate dashboard” option will now always have “Completed” enabled and can’t be disabled.
  • (FREE) The “Referral Visits” section is now accessible via the admin menu in the free version (to view/manage all visits).
  • A few small styling tweaks have been made to the affiliate dashboard.
  • When the PRO license is activated on the free version, it is now more clear that the PRO version needs to be installed to activate features.
  • Rearranged a few of the plugin settings to be in more suitable locations.


  • Fixed issue in rare cases, on some sites the affiliate registration form was submitting multiple times creating duplicate submissions, or showing a “This username already exists” message.
  • Fixed an issue with apostrophes in usernames/emails when editing the assigned user on a coupon.
  • Fixed the embed code URL in creatives being blank, if a default URL is not set for the creative.

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