Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.16.3 – Improvements, Tweaks, and Fixes

Version 4.16.3 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.


  • Added an option to set the “default payout method” that is selected for all affiliates automatically.
  • Added option for admins when editing user profiles to change the “Payout Method” for that user.
  • Added an option to never update the saved “commission” value for past orders (option found in “Debug” tab).


  • Updated the “Emails” settings tab, to be more compact and easier to navigate, and with toggles to show/hide the customizer for each email.
  • Updated the “How To Use” tab on affiliate dashboard with up to date information.
  • Updated to font awesome version 6.0.0 for icons used in the plugin.
  • Small tweak to the design of the tables on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Improved alignment of the “terms” acceptance checkbox on registration form, when the message includes links.
  • Updated social sharing icons to use the button background color (and background hover color).


  • Fixed occasional issue with “Pay as Credit” payouts button not working when paying credit to empty wallet.
  • Fixed an issue with some websites/themes, where the affiliate dashboard would not load correctly with “ajax loading” enabled.

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