Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.2 – Date Range Filters, Combined Totals, Required Order Status, and Small Fixes.

Version 4.2.0 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

Date Range Filters

The “recent orders” and “monthly summary” tables now have date filters, allowing you to select a custom date range to display all orders/stats for that date range within the table, for the coupon.

Monthly Summary Table

The monthly summary table allows you to choose a start and end month. Then it will show the stats for each month within that date range.

Recent Orders Table

The recent orders table allows you to select any custom date range, and it will then show a list of all the orders within those 2 dates.

Combined Totals

(PRO) Another update to the “recent orders” and “monthly summary” tables is a new row at the bottom of each table, displaying the combined totals for all rows/orders within the selected date range. This will allow you easily work out the specific order amounts and commission for a specific date period.

Monthly Summary Table

Recent Orders Table

Required Order Status

An option has been added to allow you to choose the “order status” required for order stats to be counted/displayed on affiliate dashboard.

You can choose between “Completed” and “Completed or Processing”.

This option can be found under “General” settings.

Other Small Fixes

  • Fixed issue with “Enable affiliate email notifications” and “Additional Email Addresses” settings not always working properly.
  • Fixed some issues in admin “commission payouts” area with it not always showing username & payment details properly.
  • Updated function names to be more standardised.
  • Updated some code structure in admin options.
  • Updated fremius SDK to 2.4.2

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