Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.3.3 – Changes to Coupons List, New Help Page, Optimisations, and Small Tweaks.

Changes to Coupons List

The ‘admin list of dashboard URLs’ page has been removed, and the features are now integrated directly into the WooCommerce “coupons list” page, with 3 new columns “Affiliate” (Pro), “Unpaid Commission” (Pro), and “Affiliate Dashboard” link.

The reason for this change is due to the old system not performing great for sites with lots of coupons/sales. This new system also integrates better with WooCommerce’s core features as a whole.

New Main/Help Page

Added new main page for the plugin in the admin area, with quick links, help, and plugin info.

Change default number of months

An option has been added to change default number of months shown in “monthly summary” section.

Other Small Changes & Fixes

  • Small tweaks/fixes to improve affiliate dashboard loading speed.
  • Added toggle to hide WooCommerce marketing boxes at bottom of coupon list page.
  • Center aligned text in table cells on affiliate dashboard.
  • Updated styling/alignment for the filters and export button.
  • Updated styling of toggles on settings page.
  • Fixed some styling issues that were appearing on some themes.

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