Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.5.0 – Affiliate Registration

Version 4.5.0 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available, which introduces some brand new affiliate registration features to the plugin, to make the whole process of affiliate setup and registration much easier.

Affiliate Registration Form (Pro)

You can now display an affiliate registration form on your website, to allow users to submit an application for an affiliate account, and their own coupon.

In the settings, you can choose to display certain fields, enable a “terms” checkbox, and add Google reCAPTCHA to reduce spam submissions.

By default this form will be visible to both logged out and logged in users, but this can be toggled in the settings.

Example Screenshot:

Affiliate Application Management (Pro)

When users submit the affiliate registration form, the selected admin email address will be sent an email notification, to notify you that there has been a new affiliate application.

The application will then be visible in the backend for admins to view all submitted details, and either approve or deny it. You can even include a custom message to display in their accepted/declined email, and change their requested coupon code to something else if needed.

Automatic Coupon Code Creation

When you accept an affiliate application in the admin area, the coupon code selected will be automatically created, using the template coupon code that you have selected in the settings page.

The coupon code will also be automatically assigned to the user, and they’ll be sent an email to let them know their application has been accepted, and how they can get started.

Other Small Tweaks

  • Tweak: Changed the custom email message fields to use visual text editor.
  • Tweak: Hidden “translations” settings tab unless enabled via “debug” section.
  • Tweak: Made the “Save Settings” button sticky at the bottom so it’s always visible on settings page.
  • Tweak: Updated referral URL stats to always show even if 0.
  • Tweak: Changed percentage change number for stats to 1 decimal place (rounded).

Other Small Fixes

  • Fix (PRO): Fixed some issues with export buttons not working in some rare cases.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed some issues with monthly summary table not loading properly in some rare cases.
  • Fix: Fixed a JSON error when saving pages with shortcode on.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with date filters not loading correctly when ajax page loading is disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed “Load tabs on affiliate dashboard as separate pages” option to auto enable when coupon has 500+ orders.
  • Fix: Fixed the slight change in box height on stats tab when changing between toggles (last 30 days, last 7 days etc) for some sites.
  • Fix (PRO): Fixed the monthly summary showing 1 extra month than the number entered in the “Default number of months to show” setting.
  • Fix: Fixed “non-numeric value” error on orders list for some websites.
  • Fix: Fixed some small wp_debug errors showing.
  • Fix: Fixed wp_debug errors showing on admin settings page after first install.

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