Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.7.1 – Affiliate Landing Pages

Version 4.7.1 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

This update includes a small new feature (Affiliate Landing Pages), along with a few other small changes and tweaks.

Affiliate Landing Pages

(PRO) You can now link a landing page to an affiliate coupon.

This page will then work the same was as a referral URL. If someone visits the landing page, it will create the referral cookie and automatically add the coupon when the user adds items to cart.

With this feature enabled, a new “landing” pages metabox will be displayed on pages:

Simply enter the coupon code here, then this landing page will be linked to that affiliate coupon.

How to enable:

To get started, you first need to enable “Affiliate Landing Pages” in the “Pro Addons” section. Then you’ll be able to link landing pages to affiliate coupons.

Lifetime Commission: Custom Expiry Per Coupon

A new option has been added to set the lifetime commission “expiry” days on a per-coupon basis. If entered, this will overwrite the default amount set in the plugin settings.

Other Tweaks

  • Tweaked referral URL cookie code to set cookie on the site globally.
  • Added password visibility toggle on affiliate registration form.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with “New Coupon Usage” email message sometimes showing default message, even when it’s been edited.
  • Fixed localisation issue with WPML plugin when ajax loading enabled (for content loaded by ajax).
  • Fixed 2 translations not working properly in localisation.

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