Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.7.5 – Small Updates, Tweaks & Fixes

Version 4.7.5 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

This update includes a few small updates, tweaks, fixes and quality of life improvements.


  • Added option to disable username field on registration form, and user the email address as username instead.
  • Added setting/option to hide the “Coupon code applied successfully.” message on all pages except for the cart/checkout pages.


  • Updated so the logout link on affiliate dashboard, redirects back to the affiliate dashboard page.
  • Updated alignment of the password visibility icon on some sites, on the registration form.
  • Made the approve/decline link in admin “New Affiliate Application” email clickable.
  • Added a colour change when hover over accept/decline buttons on admin registrations page.


  • Fixed an issue with “ajax loading” not working, when website/server had ModSecurity firewall enabled.
  • Fixed “View Affiliate Dashboard” link in orders list “Affiliate Info”, when the “Remove coupon ID from unique coupon URL” is enabled.
  • Fixed issue when admin user fills out affiliate registration form with the “Allow administrator users to fill out the registration form for new users” setting enabled.
  • Fixed issue on some sites with affiliate registration form, redirect not working.
  • Small fix for recent orders table on affiliate dashboard, with the footer columns not always being full width.
  • Fixed a few small php / debug errors in admin area, showing on some sites.
  • Fixed “get_woocommerce_currency_symbol” function error on some sites.

Previous Updates

Over past week, we also released a few other small updates and fixes:

Version – 20th June 2021

  • Fix: Fixed a small error with “affiliate user” selection field when editing coupon and the “Only show users with the coupon affiliate role” setting is enabled.

Version – 19th June 2021

  • Tweak: Added a “remove” option on the “affiliate user” selection field when editing coupon.

Version – 19th June 2021

  • Update: Added option to display a “logout” link on affiliate dashboard at the top right.
  • Update: Improved the “affiliate user” select field on coupon edit page. Now functions as an autocomplete field. Simply start typing the username, then it will give options to autocomplete.
  • Tweak: Added a little spacing to dashboard tabs if there are multiple rows.
  • Fix: In free version, fixed occasional issue when users assigned to coupon, they can’t view their coupon dashboard without having to use the unique link.

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