Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.9.1 – Custom Order Status & Other Tweaks

Version 4.9.1 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

This small update includes updated options to allow you to choose any custom order statues for both displaying orders, and when “unpaid commission” is paid, plus a few other small improvements.

Custom Order Statues: Orders

Updated the “Required order status to show on affiliate dashboard” option to allow any order statuses to be selected (including custom statuses).

This option can be found under “General” in the plugin settings.

Custom Order Statues: Unpaid Commission

Improvement: Added new option under “Payouts” to select a custom order status for when “unpaid commission” is granted.

This option can be found under “Payouts” in the plugin settings.

Other Improvements

  • Updated the “Default amount of latest orders to show” option to be more accurate, and only counts statuses that should be displayed (so hidden statuses don’t reduce the amount). This will only fix/change if settings are saved with the updated “Required order status” option.
  • Added “button hover” colour option to “design” tab in plugin settings.

Small Tweaks

  • “Enable affiliate email notifications” option is now visible when editing coupons.
  • Changed “Total Uses” text to “Total Conversions” on the referral URL tab.
  • Added code to delete “campaigns” and “clicks” tables, on plugin deletion, if the delete data option is enabled (in “debug”).

Small Fixes

  • Fixed a rare “Undefined variable: coupon_code” PHP warning occasionally showing on some sites.
  • Fixed new occasional “Undefined index” PHP Notice on Coupon List page.

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