Coupon Affiliates – Version 5.7.0 – Batch Ajax Loading and Faster Stats Calculations

This update includes several new features, tweaks, and fixes, improves performance, adds additional functionality, and solves various issues, aiming to further streamline the management of your affiliate program.

Performance Enhancements

The performance of the affiliate dashboard has been significantly improved by introducing batch AJAX loading when refreshing affiliate dashboard statistics, especially beneficial for coupons with a high volume of orders.

This not only prevents timeout and performance issues but also alleviates rare occurrences that previously resulted in AJAX errors. Additionally, refreshing statistics has been improved through a change in how order meta is saved, leading to considerable performance gains.

New Features

  • In the Pro version, we’ve added “unpaid commission added” and “unpaid commission removed” to the activity log. This makes it easier to track changes to affiliate payouts and detecting when “unpaid commission” is updated for an affiliate.
  • A new option has been added that allows the removal of all tracking cookies once a customer places an order.
  • We have added a feature to delete logs on the Activity Logs page, which are older than a specified number of days. This will help keep your logs and database tidy.


  • When editing an order, if the order is complete but still has not granted “unpaid commission”, a link will show to update this.
  • Removed the spacing under the “No orders found” message on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Hidden the order status totals for the latest orders in the “Statistics” tab on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Improved the tooltip on the “Affiliate Coupons” column, in the admin users list.
  • MLA commission will now show on the tooltips in the admin orders list.
  • Made a few small tweaks/improvements to admin settings page on mobile.
  • The option to “track conversions via referral URL even if coupon was not used” will no longer track if “allow affiliate user to apply their own coupon code at cart / checkout” option is disabled, and the affiliate clicks their own link.
  • Updated the “Delay Commission” cron job to check twice per day instead of once per day.


  • Made the “New Customers Only” option for “Who can apply affiliate coupons to their cart?” now compatible with HPOS.
  • Allow “0” as the “Coupon Discount” in the quick generate form on the setup wizard for the template coupon.
  • Fixed the “Subtotal” not showing on the products list in the “Monthly Summary” tab on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Ensure certain values are always assigned as a “float” before using them in calculations. Helps prevent some issues with PHP 8+ in certain cases.

In conclusion, this update, including new features, performance enhancements, tweaks, and fixes, underlines our commitment to provide a better user experience and make affiliate program management more efficient and intuitive.

We look forward to your feedback and will continue working to meet the needs of our user base.

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