6 Benefits of Running a Coupon Based Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

If you run a WooCommerce website, you are likely to be looking for ways to increase your brand awareness, gain customer loyalty, and increase your market reach.

The main reason for each of these, is likely to increase your sales. So, how do you create a far-reaching sales strategy with a limited budget?

The answer could be in Affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketing program is a fantastic way to advertise your products specifically to your target audience, avoid most marketing risks, and keep costs to a minimum. To set up an affiliate program, you will create promo codes and affiliate links that will be distributed to your affiliate marketers. 

These are often brands, bloggers, partners, or influencers that have already built a community of valuable leads. By making these promo codes and affiliate links available on their platforms, affiliate marketers will encourage users to shop at your brand – in return; they will obtain a small commission from the sale.  

WooCommerce – which combines the power of WordPress and the sophisticated features of the best eCommerce platform – is the perfect place to launch your affiliate program.

Thanks to Coupon Affiliates, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level – see all the benefits below!

1. It’s A Low-Risk Sales Strategy

Coupon based affiliate programs are low-risks strategies because it does not involve you having to hire a full-scale marketing and sales team. Instead, you can select the affiliate marketers who are the most advantageous to you and only pay them a percentage of the sale – after the sale has already happened!

2. Involves Minimal Costs

Running a coupon based affiliate program does not require a great budget, and it is perfect for businesses that have limited spending power on marketing and sales. Instead of you having to craft a whole marketing strategy or hire a full-scale team of marketers, your affiliate will promote your business and products for you. 

By adding them to their content, the affiliate coupon will find itself right at home. And, of course, your affiliate partners are likely to encourage the sale if incentivized by the percentage they will receive. 

Since you won’t need to run ads or pay a marketing team, you can keep your costs to a minimum. And, this is true for both setup and ongoing costs. All you will need to do is set up partnerships with your affiliates and create your coupons. 

Of course, during the first weeks, you will need to build a relationship with your affiliates to ensure that the coupon finds its way to the users – and it’s presented in a positive light. However, once you know that you can trust your affiliate, you can focus on crafting other strategies to move your business forward. 

3. Can Yield a High ROI

As we have seen above, your affiliate marketing strategy will not require great budgets to be successful. However, it can also yield an impressive return on investment (ROI)! There is no doubt that you have created your products to be successful and appealing, but without the right marketing and sales strategy, you are not likely to see an ROI. A well-crafted affiliate program can help you achieve just that. 

Compared to marketing strategies that use ads, content paid partnerships, and visuals, affiliate marketing can keep your overhead costs low while helping you achieve the sales results you had hoped for. 

However, the key is in “well-crafted”! Picking your affiliates mindfully is crucial to tap into their sphere of influence. Otherwise, you might be trying to advertise your products to audiences that are not receptive to your offer. 

4. Increases Conversions

Affiliate campaigns are an excellent way to increase your conversion rate. Today, users encounter countless pieces of information on a daily basis, and it can be difficult for them to choose a brand or product to purchase. However, they are likely to base their decisions on recommendations of someone they already trust. And, this does not necessarily have to be one of their friends or family members! A blogger, influencer, or content creator can also do the trick. 

In addition, it is important to add the fact that users will see your products associated with the discount code that comes with it. And, this is a great incentive for them to try something new!

5. Handpick Your Sales Team

One of the main benefits of affiliate marketing is the fact that it allows you to target your audience specifically. By handpicking your affiliates, you will be able to ensure that your brand is promoted well and within their communities – which are already receptive and interested in your product. In turn, this makes it easier for you to conclude a sale and for your affiliate partners to encourage their users to check out your brand.

6. It Is Easily Scalable

Affiliate marketing programs grow as your business grows. Since they involve minimal costs and effort, they can be run alongside any other marketing or sales strategy you have launched – and they are easily scalable!

How to Setup Your Coupon Affiliate Program:

Our plugin, “Coupon Affiliates“, is a great way to setup a coupon based affiliate program for your WooCommerce website.

It offers all the tools needed to setup an affiliate registration & approval process, generate coupon codes for your affiliates, and allow them to track their sales, commission, and other useful analytics.

Your affiliates can also keep track of their unpaid commission, and request payouts after they reach the required threshold.

As the store owner, you have full control over your affiliate program. Generate admin reports, approve registrations, manage payouts, enable email notifications, and customise all the other plugin settings exactly to your requirements.

To learn more about the Coupon Affiliates plugin, click here.

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