Best 2023 Black Friday Deals on WooCommerce Plugins

If you are considering upgrading your WooCommerce store with some new plugins, Black Friday is a great time do so, with a huge variety of incredible deals available almost everywhere!

There are hundreds of deals available, but in this article, we’ll be listing 25 of our favourite Black Friday deals on WooCommerce plugins and tools, by other awesome companies in WordPress.

Take advantage of these deals to help with enhancing your WooCommerce store, and increasing your sales.

So… let’s get right into the deals. Happy shopping!

Coupon Affiliates For WooCommerce

We’ll start off with our own Black Friday deal. Coupon affiliates allows you to easily create an advanced coupon-based affiliate program for WooCommerce. Give your affiliates access to a user-friendly affiliate dashboard for tracking their statistics, referral URLs, payouts, and more.

Discount: 30% off

Code: BF2023

Validity: 20th November – 30th November

Available now if you manually enter discount code “BF2023” at checkout! Start free 7 day trial.


Sales-boosting WooCommerce Plugins. Compatible with any theme and suitable for any eCommerce store.

Includes the popular “Flux Checkout for WooCommerce” plugin which is our favourite plugin of theirs, to provide a better WooCommerce checkout experience.

Discount: 40% off

Code: BFCM23

Validity: 20th November – 27th November

Barn2 Plugins

Get 40% off a variety of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins at Barn2.

Their bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin lists products in a fast and flexible order form. Trusted by 1,000s of store owners, it’s the easy way to get more sales.

The discount applies sitewide and includes individual plugins with annual or lifetime licenses, plus the All Access Pass of 23+ plugins.

Discount: 40% off

Code: BF2023

Validity: 24th November – 27th November

Tax Exemption for WooCommerce

Allow customers to declare their VAT / tax exemption eligibility, submit their exemption details, and automatically remove tax from their purchases.

Discount: 30% off

Code: BF2023

Validity: 20th November – 30th November


Save up to 80% off on 100 plugins and themes from Freemius partners. Includes a variety of WooCommerce plugins.

Discount: Between 10-80% off

Code: BFCM30

Validity: 24th November – 27th December

DotStore WooCommerce Plugins

Get 40% off over 15 plugins from DotStore, which as “Dynamic Pricing And Discount Rules” that helps boost sales with strategic discounts.

Discount: 40% off

Code: BFCM40

Validity: 13th November – 5th December


Better cart and checkout design for WooCommerce. Boost your conversion rate and Average Order Value with our one-click templates and selling tools.

Discount: 75% off

Validity: 24th November – 28th November

PT Woo Plugins

Discounts on Simple WooCommerce Order Approval, Shop as Client for WooCommerce, DPD Pickup and Lockers for WooCommerce, Taxonomy Discounts for WooCommerce, and much more.

Discount: 25% off

Validity: 23rd November – 29th November WooCommerce Plugins

Save 40% OFF Plugins & Bundles at – Focused on improving stock & inventory for WooCommerce stores with powerful plugins.

Discount: 40% off

Validity: 20th November – 27th November

Wombat WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce plugins to optimize your store in various ways. Their best-seller Advanced Product Fields allows you to build complex customizable WooCommerce products by adding forms to product pages!

Discount: Special Discount

Validity: 20th November – 27th November

WPExperts Plugins

Special discounts on a variety of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins at WPExperts, such as their “Currency Switcher for WooCommerce” plugin allows visitors to switch between currencies according to their preferences easily.

Discount: Special Discount

Validity: 20th November – 4th December

Rymera Web Co

Rymera Web Co offers several popular plugins that help WooCommerce store owners grow! Get up to 60% off their plugins including Wholesale Suite, Advanced Coupons, WC Vendors and Visser Labs.

Discount: Up to 60% off

Validity: 20th November – 1st December


SellKit is a smart funnel builder and checkout optimizer for WooCommerce. As part of our Black Friday promotion, we are offering a remarkable 50% discount on our Pro and Agency plans indefinitely.

Discount: 50% off

Validity: 1st November – 25th November

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a powerful solution to boost your WooCommerce website loading time, improve your PageSpeed performance score, and optimize your Core Web Vitals in just a few clicks.

Discount: 30% off

Code: No code required.

Validity: 20th November – 29th December


Perfmatters is a lightweight web performance plugin designed to help increase Google Core Web Vitals scores and fine-tune how assets load on your WooCommerce site.

Discount: 30% off


Validity: 20th November – 29th December

Foo Plugins

Special discounts on a variety of WordPress plugins by Foo Plugins. Including the popular “FooGallery” plugin that allows you to create a photo gallery, with Pro plans integrating with WooCommerce.

Discount: Special discounts

Code: FooBF30

Validity: 15th November – 30th November


Enjoy 20% off on PluginHive WooCommerce plugins. Elevate your WooCommerce shipping with top-rated plugins for UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, DHL, and Royal Mail. Boost sales with WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments, featuring essential add-ons like Recurring Bookings, Product Add-ons, WooCommerce Deposits, and more.

Discount: 20% off

Code: PH_BFCM_2023

Validity: 15th November – 1st December


iThemeland offer serveral WooCommerce and WordPress plugins that help boost your online presence and sales. For example, their Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin allows you to create compelling promotions like BOGO, buy X get Y, and more.

Discount: 50% off

Code: No code needed.

Validity: 15th November – 30th November.


Acowebs is offering up to 30% off on all their products this Black Friday. Acowebs has 15+ WordPress and WooCommerce plugins available, and is trusted by more than 50,000 happy customers from 130+ countries.

Discount: 30% off

Code: No code needed.

Validity: 22nd November – 30th November.


Translate your WordPress site into multiple languages. Includes content, images, SEO data translation. Works out of the box with WooCommerce, custom post types, complex themes and site-builders.

Discount: Special discount

Code: BF2023

Validity: 23rd November – 27th November

WP Activity Log

Keep a log of user and system activity, including WooCommerce activity. Ideal for troubleshooting, compliance, and security.

Discount: Special discount

Code: MP2023

Validity: 22nd November – 29th November

WP Manage Ninja

WP Manage Ninja sells a variety of great WordPress plugins, most of which also integrate with WooCommerce. For example, “Ninja Tables” allows you to organize data into visually appealing tables, including WooCommerce products.

Discount: Up to 40% off

Validity: 15th November – 2nd December


Create beautifully effective WooCommerce sites with ease! Get 40% off Kadence theme and plugins, including the Kadence Shop Kit that supercharges the WordPress block editor to create dynamic and attractive product layouts with Kadence Shop Kit’s custom template builder.

Discount: 40% off

Validity: 14th November – 29th November

Bertha AI

Bertha AI is a content generator developed to assist users in creating unique and engaging content and images for their websites, blogs, and presentations. Bertha can also automatically generate WooCommerce descriptions in your dashboard – all from just the product title.

Discount: 50% off

Validity: 2nd November – 5th December

WS Form

WS Form is a powerful, next generation form builder plugin for WordPress. Create professional, mobile friendly, accessible forms using our unique responsive layout editor. It also includes an integration with WooCommerce for product customization, custom WooCommerce fields, and supports all field types.

Discount: 30% off

Validity: 21st November – 29th November

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