How will WooCommerce’s new “High-Performance Order Storage” update affect Coupon Affiliates?

In January 2022, WooCommerce introduced an upcoming update that promises to significantly boost the overall performance of the plugin.

The name of this update is High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS).

Known previously as “Custom Order Tables,” this feature is designed to provide a more robust and user-friendly database structure.

In this post, we’ll delve into the implications of this update for websites, with a special focus on its impact on our Coupon Affiliates plugin.

Additionally, we’ll discuss our latest update that not only supports HPOS but also brings several other notable performance improvements.

High-Performance Order Storage: What is it?

The HPOS feature employs the WooCommerce “CRUD design” to store order data in custom tables, optimized for WooCommerce queries. This leads to minimal impact on your store’s performance, allowing it to handle an influx of customer orders without compromising the user experience.

The HPOS feature is currently available as an opt-in feature in WooCommerce 7.1+ and will be included in WooCommerce Core later this year. Initially it will remain as an opt-in feature for existing websites, and will only be enabled by default for new WooCommerce installations.

The Benefits of High-Performance Order Storage

  • Scalability: As your online store grows and attracts more customers, the amount of data your website has to manage also increases. This can sometimes slow things down. The HPOS feature helps manage this growth by organizing your order data into its own unique specific areas (or “tables”). This means your website can handle more information without getting overwhelmed, allowing your online store to grow smoothly.
  • Reliability: The HPOS feature also makes sure that important information is securely backed up. This means if something unexpected happens, you can easily restore this crucial data. It also helps manage the flow of data in and out of your website, preventing any mix-ups or errors (known as “race conditions”), making your online store even more dependable.
  • Simplicity: With the HPOS feature, finding and understanding your data becomes much easier. Instead of having to look through one big database, your data is neatly organized into separate tables. This makes it simpler to find specific information or understand how your data is structured. It also makes it easier to add new features, change the design of your store, or make other custom modifications to your WooCommerce setup.

The Impact on Our Coupon Affiliates Plugin

Our Coupon Affiliates plugin relies on order data for its functionality. With the introduction of the HPOS feature, our plugin can now access this data more efficiently, leading to improved performance.

Furthermore, the scalability and reliability benefits of the HPOS feature extend to our plugin. As your affiliate program grows, our plugin can handle the increased data load without compromising performance. Additionally, the enhanced data backup and restoration capabilities provided by the HPOS feature ensure that your affiliate data is more safe and secure.

Our Latest Update: Embracing HPOS and Beyond

We’re excited to announce that our latest update, version 5.5.0, not only includes support for the HPOS feature but also brings several other significant performance improvements. By embracing the HPOS feature, our plugin can now handle order data more efficiently, leading to faster and smoother operations.

But we didn’t stop there. We have been hard at work optimizing various aspects of our plugin to ensure it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We’ve made improvements to our data handling processes, and streamlined our code to provide a better experience for our users.

These updates, combined with the benefits of the HPOS feature, mean that our Coupon Affiliates plugin is now more powerful and efficient than ever. Whether you’re running a small affiliate program or managing a large network of affiliates, our plugin is equipped to handle your needs with ease and efficiency.


The introduction of the High-Performance Order Storage feature is a significant advancement for WooCommerce. It promises to enhance the performance, scalability, and reliability of WooCommerce stores, benefiting website owners, developers, and users alike.

For users of our Coupon Affiliates plugin, this update offers the potential for even greater efficiency and reliability when using the plugin. Moreover, our latest update, which includes support for HPOS and several other performance improvements, further enhances our plugin. You will notice this mostly when loading the affiliate dashboard and in admin reports, especially if your website has a large amount of orders.

We are thrilled about these developments and look forward to seeing the positive impact of these updates on our users. As always, we remain committed to providing you with the best tools and features to help you succeed in your affiliate marketing journey.

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