How to Generate Detailed Admin Reports for Your Affiliate Program

When running an affiliate program, it is important to monitor, analyse, and optimize the performance of your affiliate users through detailed admin reporting.

Admin reports offer you important insights, allowing your business to understand the effectiveness of your affiliate members campaigns, and make data-driven decisions.

The Importance of Admin Reports in Affiliate Marketing

  1. Data-Driven Decisions: With the detailed analytics available, your business can pinpoint which coupons or affiliates are generating the best results, and see where there might be room for improvement.
  2. Financial Oversight: Monitoring sales, commissions, and discounts ensures financial transparency, helping you manage payouts and optimise profitability.
  3. Optimising Campaigns: By analysing conversion rates and other metrics, your business can refine its marketing strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your affiliate program.

Essential Components of an Effective Admin Report

A comprehensive admin report should provide you with the following:

  • Overall Affiliate Analytics: An overall view of the total usage, sales, commission, and discounts for all your affiliates.
  • Individual Affiliate Analytics: Detailed statistics for each affiliate, allowing for more specific analysis and optimisation.
  • Referral URLs: Understanding the sources of traffic can help you identify which platforms or strategies are most effective for your affiliate program.
  • Date Range Flexibility: The ability to analyse data over different periods enables you to identify trends, seasonal variations, and the overall health of your affiliate program.
  • Export and Search Features: It’s beneficial to export data to formats like CSV. Search functionality speeds up the process of finding specific data points or affiliates.

Affiliate Admin Reports with Coupon Affiliates

While all these components are important for an effective admin report, implementing them can be difficult without the right tools.

That’s where the Coupon Affiliates plugin comes into play, simplifying the reporting process.

On the admin dashboard, you can generate custom reports based on selected filters and date ranges.

You can analyse data over unlimited date ranges, which is particularly useful for long-term trend analysis.

The export to CSV function allows for external analysis, and the date comparison feature offers insights into the performance between different periods.

The results provide both an overall view of all your affiliate coupons, and an in-depth look at individual ones. This allows your business to not only track its overall affiliate program performance, but also analyse the impact of each specific affiliate.


Having detailed admin reports available is always important to the success of your affiliate program.

Tools like the Coupon Affiliates plugin streamline this process, ensuring that your business has all the data it needs.

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