Coupon Affiliates – Version 4.7.7 – Registration Tweaks, Order Status Column, and Small Fixes

Version 4.7.7 of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce is now available.

This update includes a few new options for the affiliate registration, a new optional order status column, and some other small updates and fixes.

Affiliate Registration Tweaks

  • Added a new option in “registration” settings to show affiliate registration form to logged in users on the affiliate dashboard page, if they are not already assigned to any coupons.
  • Added a new option in “registration” settings to select whether or not to remove the “pending” and/or “subscriber” affiliate role from user when their affiliate application is accepted.

Order Status Column

  • Added new option in “general” settings to display the order “status” in the orders list on the affiliate dashboard.

Admin Delete Buttons for Payouts and Registrations

  • Added a new button under “actions” to delete rows/table entries from the admin “payouts” and “registrations” sections.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with not being able to remove assigned coupon code from landing page.
  • Fixed occasional “string offset” debug warning showing on some sites, for coupons with no orders.
  • Fixed issue with plugin conflicting with some other “coupon” related plugins such as “Extended Coupon Features”, by stopping some other custom coupon settings tabs from displaying.
  • Fixed issue for sites that have a very large amount of users, where the edit/add coupon page would load very slow/timeout.

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