Version 5.14.0 – Responsive Dashboard Improvements (Mobile & Tablet)

Version 5.14.0 of Coupon Affiliates is now available!

In this update we have made several improvements to the responsive design and layout of the affiliate dashboard, for mobiles and tablets.

Mobile Header & Navigation

The affiliate dashboard navigation has been updated on mobile to be more user-friendly. It now uses a dropdown menu for the tabs, instead of a less appealing list of buttons which took up too much space.

You can revert back to the old mobile navigation in the plugins “Design” settings tab if needed.

The header area of the affiliate dashboard has also been tidied up on the mobile layout.

Mobile Styling Improvements

Several other styling improvements have been made to the affiliate dashboard on mobile, such as adding more spacing between statistic boxes, adding some padding around the edge of all the dashboard content, re-introducing the statistic icons on mobile, and tidying up several other sections.


Here are some example screenshots of the updated affiliate dashboard on mobile:

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