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(PRO) Performance Bonuses

Performance bonuses provides you with more tools to motivate and reward your affiliates.

Recognising and rewarding high-performing affiliates can boost their morale, enhance their loyalty to your brand, and encourage more sales.

To get started with Performance Bonuses, you first need to enable it in the PRO modules tab.

You will then see a “Bonuses” settings tab where you can customise a few options if needed, and can click the “Add New Bonus” button to create your first bonus.

When creating a new bonus, you will see a large variety of options.

Trigger (Requirements)

Firstly, you should setup the “triggers”, which are based on specific performance metrics.

Choose from various metrics like:

  • Total Commission Earned
  • Total Sales Referred
  • Total Number of Orders

Within this, you can specify if this performance is measured over:

  • All-Time
  • Current Week
  • Current Month
  • Current Year

It is also possible to set a trigger/requirement for when a specific individual order meets certain requirements.


You can also set if the bonus is given out just once or multiple times based on frequency settings.

Action (Bonuses / Rewards)

Once the triggers are met, here’s what you can offer your affiliates:

  • Reward the Affiliate with Unpaid Commission: Give affiliates a certain amount of bonus “unpaid commission” added directly to their balance available for payout.
  • Reward the Affiliate with Store Credit: Provide your affiliates with bonus “store credit” added directly to their credit wallet, to use as a discount in your store. You will need to have the “Store Credit” payout method enabled for this option.
  • Set New Commission Rates for the Affiliate: You can also reward your affiliates by giving them better commission rates. This will affect their future commission earnings. By default this may also effect all previous calculations and statistics if the system were to “refresh data” at any point. You can prevent previous commission from being affected, click here for details.
  • Reward with a Free Product: This will instantly create a new order for that affiliate user, with the product at a 100% discount. A great way to make your affiliates familiar with the products they are promoting.
  • Gift Coupons: This will instantly create a new “gift” coupon for that affiliate to use as a discount on future orders they place themselves. This is not an affiliate coupon.
  • Assign to a New User Role: This will assign the affiliate user to a new user role.
  • Send them an Email: Personalized messages to congratulate them on their achievements. Include placeholders to address the affiliate directly and specify the bonuses they have earned.
Bonus Settings


Other customisations are available such as editing the text displayed on the affiliate dashboard for the bonus, setting an expiration date, making it hidden from the dashboard, or making the bonus only available to certain users.

Bonus Customisation

Affiliate Dashboard Tab

Once you have setup your bonuses, the affiliates will be able to view each of them on the affiliate dashboard.

Each bonus will be displayed with the reward details, along with a progress bar to show how close they are to receiving the reward, and if there is an expiration date it will also show a countdown timer.

Affiliate Dashboard Bonuses