Coupon Affiliates: 2023 Roundup

2023 has been an eventful year for Coupon Affiliates, with continuous enhancements and updates that have significantly improved the plugins functionality and user experience.

Here’s a recap of the key updates we have released this year!

Version 5.5.0: Performance Improvements & URL Tracking

We integrated support for WooCommerce’s new “High-Performance Order Storage” feature, which will help enhance the loading speed of your affiliate dashboard, and admin reports, especially for sites with a large number of orders.

We also added the option to track conversions via the referral URL, even if a coupon isn’t used. This means if someone visits your site via a referral URL and places an order without using a coupon, you can still track the referrals for that affiliate, and provide the appropriate commission.

Another feature was added to allow you to set a custom referrer for an order that has already been placed.

Read more about version 5.5.0.

Version 5.6.0: Admin Tools & Improved Dashboard

We created a new “Admin Tools” page in the admin area which offers a variety of new useful tools that help make managing your affiliate program even easier. This update aimed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance the overall user experience.

We also added more customisation options for the affiliate dashboard, allowing you to customise the dashboard to look exactly how you want.

Two new options were also added to show a brand new “Commission Payouts” and “Latest Referrals” summary on the “Statistics” tab on the affiliate dashboard.

Read more about version 5.6.0.

Version 5.7.0: Batch Ajax Loading & Faster Calculations

The update for version 5.7.0 included batch AJAX loading for refreshing affiliate dashboard statistics, and improvements in order meta handling for faster stats calculation.

Additional features like cookie removal after order placement, log deletion options, and tweaks to improve user experience on mobile were also added.

FRead more about version 5.7.0.

Version 5.8.0: Dynamic Creatives

Version 5.8.0 introduced the Dynamic Creatives feature which allows you to create personalised and effective creative banners for affiliates, with merge tags to incorporate specific affiliate details into images.

The Schedule Creatives feature enables scheduling of creatives for display on the affiliate dashboard within a specific date range, useful for seasonal promotions.

Additional tweaks and fixes were made to improve design, layout, and functionality.

Read more about version 5.8.0.

Version 5.9.0: Affiliate Product Commission Rates, Improved Admin, and more

Version 5.9.0 included the ability to set per-affiliate product commission rates, and also improved the user experience for several admin management pages.

There was also the addition of a new “Rates” tab on the affiliate dashboard showing individual product commission rates.

This update also introduced a maximum commission per order setting and made enhancements to the Dynamic Creatives feature.

Other improvements and fixes were implemented to enhance consistency, reliability, and user experience.

Read more about version 5.9.0.

Version 5.10.0: Performance Bonuses & Rewards

Version 5.10.0 introduced “Performance Bonuses“, a feature that rewards affiliates based on specific performance metrics like total commission earned, sales referred, or orders.

Affiliate Dashboard Bonuses

You can offer various rewards, including unpaid commission, store credit, improved commission rates, free products, gift coupons, new user roles, and send them personalised emails.

This update also added bulk actions for affiliate user management, extra fields for bank transfer payouts, and more.

Additionally, numerous tweaks and fixes were made to improve usability and functionality.

Read more about version 5.10.0.

Version 5.11.0: Manual Admin Payout Requests

Version 5.11.0 introduced “Manual Admin Payout Requests“.

This feature allows administrators to manually submit payout requests for affiliates with available unpaid commissions. It simplifies the payout process, enabling admins to manage payouts more effectively.

Additionally, this update included tweaks such as updating the referral link’s default page setting and styling changes to the plugin’s admin pages.

There were also adjustments to the setup wizard and the addition of Portuguese (Portugal) translations.

Read more about version 5.11.0.

Version 5.12.0: Cancellation Emails, and Other Small Improvements

Version 5.12.0 included several small new features and improvements.

Notably, it introduced “Referred Order Cancelled” email notifications for affiliates when an order is cancelled, refunded, or failed.

The admin pages were updated to make referral links more accessible.

New customisation options were added for affiliate dashboard tabs, to change their styling more easily.

Additionally, the update brought various tweaks like including adding referral links in certain emails, adjustments to the MLA dashboard, and more. Italian translations were also added.

Read more about version 5.12.0.


2023 has seen Coupon Affiliates evolve significantly with some impactful updates, making it one of the most powerful tools for WooCommerce affiliate marketing.

Not only that, Coupon Affiliates also reached a total of 4500+ websites actively using the plugin in October this year, and is getting close to the 5000+ milestone as we come to the end of the year.

We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and improvement throughout 2024.

If you would like to see what updates we have planned for 2024, then please check out our roadmap.

Thanks to all our users for your support.

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