(PRO) Commission Tracking and Payouts

Frontend: Affiliates #

Affiliates can track their commission earned via their coupon(s), request payouts for commission they have earned, and view their payout history.

Admin: Payments Management #

Administrators can view and manage all payouts in the backend.

Admin: Settings #

A bunch of settings are available to customise the way payouts work to meet your requirements.

Payment Threshold #

Optionally, set a custom payment threshold, which will prevent the affiliate from being able to request a payout until their total unpaid commission is over a specific amount.

Commission Delay #

Optionally, set a certain number of days after an order is created, that the commission earned is added to the users account as “unpaid commission”. Useful if you want to prevent commission being paid out early for orders that may be refunded etc.

Requires cron jobs to be enabled on your site.

Payment Method Labels #

Customise the payment method labels depending on how you wish to pay your affiliates.