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How to fix “ERROR: Failed to load ajax request.”

If you are getting the message “ERROR: Failed to load ajax request” on your affiliate dashboard, it is likely something is stopping your ajax requests from working.

To fix this, please try these solutions:

  • First, simply try reloading the page – it may be that you cancelled the page loading before it finished.
  • Clear your website cache and try again.
  • Check if you have any website “speed” or “optimisation” plugins enabled. If you do, try to find an option enabled to “load JavaScript deferred” (or any that sound similar). If so, turn this off, clear your website cache, and give it another try. Alternatively, if available, you could simply disable the optimisation features on just the “affiliate dashboard” page. (If this fixes it, please contact us and we’ll look into implementing a fix to better support your optimisation plugin.)

If the above solutions don’t work you can do one of the following:

  • Go to “Plugin Settings > Debug” then disable the option: Enable “Ajax Loading” on Affiliate Dashboard