(PRO) PayPal Payouts – Setup

Prerequisites: To use PayPal Payouts, you will need a PayPal business account and must have access to it’s PayPal Payouts features.

Learn more: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/payouts/standard/#link-payoutsprerequisites

Explainer video and tutorial:

To get started with PayPal Payouts you first need to go to the “Payouts” tab in the plugin settings, scroll down to “Payment Methods” and toggle on “PayPal Payouts”.

Here’s an example of the settings:

Payment Method Name / Label

We recommend keeping these as the default, however you can update these to your own language/terms if preferred.

Payment Subject / Message

The payment subject and name will be used by PayPal when notifying the user they received a new payment.

API Credentials

Next, go ahead and enter your PayPal “API Credentials” which includes the “Client ID” and “Client Secret”.

  1. Visit https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications
  2. Login to PayPal via the button at the top right.
  3. Visit the “My Apps & Credentials” section.
  4. Make sure you are using “Live” mode (or “Sandbox” if you are testing).
  5. If you don’t have a REST API App already, click “Create app”.
  6. Copy the Client ID and Secret, then paste them into the Coupon Affiliates plugin settings.

Once you’ve saved your “Client ID” and “Client Secret” in the plugin settings, you’re all done!

(IMPORTANT) Get access to PayPal Payouts

To use PayPal payouts, you will need to have the payouts feature enabled and approved on your PayPal account by the PayPal team. To do this you will need to contact PayPal. For details see here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/payouts/standard/#link-getaccesstopaypalpayouts

You can see if you have payouts enabled on the PayPal Developer “My Account” Page: https://developer.paypal.com/developer/accountStatus

Note: If your PayPal account is new or does not have much transaction history, then you may be declined access to PayPal payouts until your account has a little more activity.

Reasons for Denied Payouts

If your payouts are being denied after clicking the “Pay via PayPal” button, it may be due to:

  • Your PayPal account does not have enough funds available.
  • Your PayPal account does not yet have permission to use PayPal payouts.
  • Your account or the affiliate user’s account has been suspended.
  • The affiliates account can not receive payments in the currency used.
  • The affiliates account can not receive payments from your country.

Learn more about PayPal Payouts features here: https://couponaffiliates.com/docs/pro-paypal-payouts