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Developers: Code Snippets & Resources

We do not currently have in-depth developer documentation available, but here are some useful code snippets and resources for developers.

Database Tables

The plugin does have its own database tables that you can get certain data from:

wcusage_activity – Activity log.

wcusage_campaigns – Referral URL campaigns.

wcusage_clicks – Referral URL clicks log.

wcusage_directlinks – Direct link tracking domains.

wcusage_mlainvites – Multi-Level affiliates invites.

wcusage_payouts – Commission Payouts

wcusage_register – Affiliate registration applications.

Affiliate Orders

Get all affiliate orders for a coupon, without certain data range. This returns an array of data, including order IDs.

$orders = wcusage_wh_getOrderbyCouponCode( $coupon_code, $start_date, $end_date, '', 1 );

Order Data

You can get an array of affiliate related data for a certain order via this function. This returns an array of data including the commission earnings.

$order_data = wcusage_calculate_order_data( $order_id, $coupon_code, 0, 1 );

To get the commission from the order for example:

$commission = $order_data['totalcommission'];

Affiliate URL

Get the affiliate URL for a coupon.

$coupon_code = ""; // Set the coupon code name here.
$prefix = wcusage_get_setting_value('wcusage_field_urls_prefix', 'coupon');
$affiliate_url = get_home_url() . "?" . $prefix . "=" . $coupon_code;

Total Sales and Commission

Get the total sales and commission earned by a certain coupon, without a certain date range. Leave $start_date empty to get all sales.

$orders = wcusage_wh_getOrderbyCouponCode( $coupon_code, $start_date, $end_date, '', 1 );
$total_orders = $orders['total_orders']; // Total Sales
$total_discounts = $orders['full_discount']; // Total Discounts
$total_commission = $orders['total_commission']; // Total Commission
$order_count = $orders['total_count']; // Orders Count

Unpaid Commission

Get the total unpaid commission for an affiliate coupon.

$coupon_id = ""; // Set the coupon code ID here.
$unpaid_commission = get_post_meta( $coupon_id, 'wcu_text_unpaid_commission', true );