Affiliate Fraud Prevention Features

Fraud can sometimes be a problem when running an affiliate program.

Luckily we’ve put a lot of focus on fraud prevention features in our plugin, and offer you a variety of useful options to help combat it.

Stop affiliates using their own coupons #

There is an option to allow/disallow affiliate users from using their own affiliate coupons. By default this is allowed.

Multiple affiliate coupons in same order #

There is an option to allow/disallow multiple affiliate coupons from being used in the same order. By default this is not allowed.

New Customers Only #

There is an option that can be enabled to only allow new customers to apply affiliate coupons to their cart. You can enable this globally, or per coupon.

Visitors Blacklist #

With the “Visitors Blacklist” option, the visitor IDs or IP addresses are blocked from being able to use affiliate coupons or register as an affiliate. In the “Referral Visits” admin page you can also easily add/remove the visitor IP/ID for a certain click to the “Visitors Blacklist”.

Domains Blacklist (PRO) #

With the “Domains Blacklist” option, visitors referred directly from any of these domains will not have referrals tracked or coupons applied automatically. You can go one step further if needed, and also block manual use of affiliate coupons if referred by a blocked domain.

This option is the most strict of all our fraud prevention settings. It can be enabled when using “direct link tracking” module, and will prevent ALL coupons and referral links from working UNLESS the customer was directly linked by the approved domain that is assigned to that coupon.

If you have any suggestions for additional fraud prevention options, let us know!