(PRO) Dynamic Creatives

Dynamic Creatives allow you to build advanced, unique images or banners for each affiliate. These images are automatically generated based on certain merge tags.

For example, you can insert the affiliate’s name, company name, affiliate coupon code, or even their referral QR code, directly into the image!

This banner is displayed on the affiliate dashboard like any other creative, however each affiliate will see their own personalised version of that creative.

How to Get Started with Dynamic Creatives

Choose the Creative Type

First, go to the “Creatives” page within the plugin admin area, click “Add New”, enter a creative name, and most importantly, select “Dynamic Image” as the “Creative Type”.

Upload a Template Image

Next, you will need to upload a PNG image as the main template.

This will be the main banner/image design for your creative, just like any other creative image, however the most important part is to leave some empty spaces for the dynamic text!

Customize the Image

Under the “Dynamic Image Customisation” section, you can add multiple pieces of text and adjust the size, color, alignment, rotation, and margins to position it exactly where you need on the image.

The most important part here, which is the thing that makes the creative “dynamic” is the use of Merge Tags.

Within the text you can insert these mere tags, which will then be dynamically filled in for each affiliates, based on their own specific affiliate information and referral details.

  • Use {coupon} to insert the coupon code.
  • Use {discount} to insert the coupon discount percentage or fixed amount.
  • Use {username} to insert the affiliate username.
  • Use {first-name} to insert the affiliate first name.
  • Use {company} to insert the affiliate company name.
  • Use {qrcode} to insert the a QR code of the affiliate default referral URL.

Preview and Publish

The live preview will show the updates as you make them.

When you are satisfied, click publish.

Affiliates can now view and download their unique creative image on their affiliate dashboard.

Enable caching for dynamic creatives

If enabled in the plugin settings page (“Creatives” tab), the first time a new dynamic creative is generated for an affiliate, this will be cached for 24 hours, unless the creative is updated. This results better performance and less resource usage, due to it not having to re-generate the image each time. This option will however store some “transients” in your options database.