Admin Reports & Analytics

On the admin dashboard, you can now generate reports to view analytics and usage statistics for ALL of your affiliate coupons, based on a specific date range, and other specific criteria you select.

Here’s a preview of the report generation form:

Once you’ve selected your custom filters and date range, click “Generate Report” and a custom report will be displayed, showing the combined total usage, sales, commission, discounts, and referral URL stats, for ALL coupons, within this date range.

This will then be followed by a list of each individual coupon, and a usage summary for each coupon that meets the criteria required selected.

Here’s an example:

You can also download the results to a CSV file, search the list of coupons, and order then by a certain row. By default they are ordered by total usage.

Pro Version Features #

With the Pro version you get access to unlimited date range on the admin reports, export to CSV, and access to date comparison features, to compare analytics between 2 sets of dates.

Free Version Features #

The free version of Coupon Affiliates can also generate admin reports, but can only generate reports for the past 4 weeks, and do not include date comparison features.