(PRO) Store Credit Payouts

Store Credit is available as an option for paying affiliate commission, automatically in one click.

This will allow affiliates to have commission paid out into a “wallet” which they can then use as a discount to purchase items/products from your shop.

Simply enable “Store Credit Payouts” in the “Payouts” section of the plugin settings. Your affiliates will then be able to select this as their payout option in the “Settings” tab in their affiliate dashboard. It will also show their current balance here if it is selected.

When they have selected this payout option, they can then request to have their commission paid out into their wallet.

Then, just like normal payout requests, you will see this in the “Payouts” admin section, when you can click “Pay as Credit” to pay the affiliate their commission into their wallet, or “Cancel” the payout request.

When you click “Pay as Credit”, the commission will automatically be credited into their store wallet.

They can then use this credit towards purchases in your store.

When they add items to their cart, and visit the cart or checkout page, a new notice will appear (if they have credit available) when they can choose to apply their credit to the cart. When clicked, it will apply a discount and deduct it from their available wallet balance, if they complete the purchase.

When an order is created using store credit, you will be able to see this when viewing the order in the admin area, and if needed you can click a button to refund the credit back to the user’s wallet.

To get started with Store Credit payouts, simply enable the module in the “PRO Modules” section of the plugin settings.

Bonus Commission

In the plugin settings, it is possible to set a “Bonus Commission” percentage for affiliates choosing “Store Credit” as their payout method. For example, you can set this to 25%, and if they choose to spend their commission in your store, they’ll be automatically rewarded with 25% additional commission when the payout is paid.


It is possible to integrate our “Store Credit” module with a 3rd party store credit/wallet plugin. Learn more.