How to migrate my data to a new website?

Currently, we do not have a feature available to easily migrate the plugins data over to another website.

However, it is still possible if you follow a few steps…

Firstly, if you migrate your existing WooCommerce orders, products, and customers data, this should migrate over a large majority of the data the Coupon Affiliates plugin uses.

Here’s an excellent guide on this:

You would also want to export all the plugins custom tables from your database that start with/include the “wcusage_” prefix, then import them on your new site. You could do this simply via phpmyadmin by exporting the tables, and upload them on the new database if you know how. Or it can be done via a plugin:

You may also want to migrate the plugins options you have saved currently, you could do this via this plugin: – When you import the file, click “Specific Options” and you should only need to import the options that start with “wcusage”.

However, we have raised this as a potential feature to implement in the future which can be voted on here: