Vanity Coupon Codes

Coupon Affiliates is the perfect solution for creating and managing vanity coupon codes with ease.

Unlike other affiliate plugins, Coupon Affiliates is built from the ground up with coupons in mind, making the creation of vanity coupon codes a breeze.

Affiliates can either choose their desired coupon code during registration, or have a unique vanity coupon auto-generated for them via the dynamic code generator, depending on your settings.

Why Vanity Coupon Codes?

Vanity coupon codes are memorable and easy to share, making them a powerful tool for affiliates to drive more sales and earn more commissions. They are personalised codes that affiliates can easily remember and share with their potential referrals, making it a win-win for both you and your affiliates.

With Coupon Affiliates, you can effortlessly set up vanity coupon codes, allowing your affiliates to capitalise on the power of personalisation to boost their referral rates.

Setting Up Vanity Coupon Codes

Setting up vanity coupon codes with Coupon Affiliates is straightforward.

Here’s how you can do it:

Option 1: Manual Entry During Registration

  1. Affiliate Registration Form: Simply enable the “affiliate registration form“, and affiliates can enter their desired coupon code in the designated “Preferred Coupon Code” field during registration.
  2. Approval: When they submit the registration form, you can approve the registration and coupon code, or make changes to it if needed. The coupon code is then automatically generated and assigned to that user.

Option 2: Auto-Generated Vanity Coupon Codes

  1. Enable Auto-Generation: Enable the “dynamic coupon generation” feature in Coupon Affiliates settings.
  2. Code Generation: The dynamic code generator will create a unique vanity coupon code for each affiliate upon registration, based on pre-defined merge tags.

Reporting and Tracking

Track the performance of each of your vanity coupon codes right from your dashboard. Monitor the sales, conversions, and commissions generated by each vanity coupon code to understand which codes are performing best.

Wrapping Up

Vanity coupon codes are a powerful asset in any affiliate program. Coupon Affiliates makes managing these codes straightforward, providing a robust and user-friendly platform for both you and your affiliates. By allowing the use of vanity coupon codes, you empower your affiliates to promote your products in a more personalised and effective manner.