(FREE) How to pay affiliates with the FREE version.

Currently, our integrated payout management system is only available in the PRO version. This lets you (and your affiliates) more easily keep track of “unpaid commission”, request payouts in their dashboard, and allows you to pay them automatically in one click via a variety of payout options such as Stripe, PayPal, Store Credit, and more. To learn more about this click here.

If you are using the FREE version of the plugin, you will need to manually handle payouts in whatever way best suits your needs.

You will first want to collect their payment details in some way, for example asking them via email after they signup.

Once you have their payment details, you’ll probably want to add a schedule on your calendar for managing your payouts every so often.

Here are a few examples on how you could go about managing your payouts:

  • You can generate an admin report, for example for the past 2 or 4 weeks, in the filters set it to show coupons where the “commission earned” is more than “0”. This will then show a list of all the affiliates/coupons that have earned more than 0 in commission in that date range. Simply go through that list, and you can see how much commission is owed to each affiliate here. Repeat this every 2-4 weeks to pay your affiliates.
  • If referrals don’t happen too often, instead you could pay affiliates whenever a new referral is made. Simply click “Coupon Orders” under “Coupon Affiliates” in the admin menu, and you’ll see a list of all the orders that used affiliate coupons. You will see the commission earned in the tooltip in the orders list, or in the meta box when editing an individual order.

Note: We are considering adding a basic version of our “payouts management system” to the FREE version in the future, however this is not 100% confirmed and there is no set date for this yet.